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Art 160 puts a new spin on the traditional art class.

Miami students kiln it in the art department

The pottery wheels hum softly as nine students bend over their work, hands gently wrapped around the spinning cups and bowls. Bright sunlight blazes in from the almost-full-length windows spread across two walls of the room, illuminating the space and the students’ faces.


Rebecca Andres: A strong, independent woodwind

Spending her childhood forging her musical talents, Rebecca Andres eventually found herself playing for Cincinnati Broadway Across America’s "Wicked." In the 96 performances that followed, Andres further fine-tuned her flute skills. Andres found her passion for music in the fourth grade. She comes from a family of musicians — many of her relatives play piano and her sister plays the violin. Andres tried to play the violin, too, but found that it wasn’t a good fit. 


Muslim Students' Association Decorates and Donates

  As the leaves swirled down from the trees outside of Armstrong on Friday, Nov. 15, Miami’s Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) swirled ornate designs onto the arms of students who stopped at their booth. Adjacent to a card table covered with various canned foods like Campbell’s soup and JIF peanut butter is another table occupied by a student practicing an ancient art form: henna.

Armstrong Pavilion played host to a cross-cultural culinary collaboration to celebrate Chuseok last Saturday.  

Korean Thanksgiving dishes out food, friendship and festivities

Armstrong Pavilion is a large room, but last Saturday it felt small as people of all different backgrounds came together as one to celebrate the Korean holiday “Chuseok.” This holiday, which is typically celebrated in September, is a Korean Thanksgiving, with the purpose being to gather with family and share stories and food. 


Stories in seconds

 Some stories delve deeply into the lives of their subjects. Others seek to capture the human condition in just a few words. Modeled after journalist Brady Dennis’ 300 word stories that explore the unfiltered intimacy of the everyday, these pieces, written by first-year students, offer a glimpse into the untold experiences of college life.  


Close encounters of a Starbucks kind

 In the spirit of the daily understaffed chaos witnessed in the campus Starbucks’ this year, here’s a look back at the former Starbucks attached to Maple Dining Hall. Maybe we’re nostalgic, but fall 2017 felt like a simpler time. 


Taking spooky crafts to the next dimension

The Makerspace, located on the 3rd floor of King Library, was decked out for Halloween. Paper bats and garlands hung from the ceiling and fake spiders were strewn about. Candy buckets adorned most of the tables. Some of the staff also embraced the Halloween spirit with t-shirts showcasing a skeleton or black cat.  On Friday, Oct. 25, King’s Makerspace hosted a Halloween-themed event for students to make “creepy crawly crafts.” The Makerspace offers students an area to use the numerous available machines and be creative. The machines, including 3D printers and electronic cutting machines helped students make stickers and heat transfer vinyls and sewing machines. They could design book covers and bind the books themselves, personalize tote bags or clothes with the heat press and make a sewing circuit. 


Spooky spectacle: the author behind the mask

  After graduating from Miami University in May, Holly West wasn’t sure what kind of job she’d get. She certainly wasn’t expecting it to be spooky. She has been working as an actress in a Halloween show at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio since September. In the show, called “Midnight Syndicate: Creatures of Darkness,” West plays a mannequin that comes to life.


What does Family Weekend mean to international students?

The excitement and promise each August holds for new and returning students is accompanied by the pain of goodbyes. For an international student, this goodbye can be especially difficult. Most international students only see their family over winter and summer breaks and in some cases, international students go years without seeing their families. The International Student Orientation Program begins two weeks before classes start, according to Miami’s Division of Student Life. They learn how to navigate the university, manage their classwork and form their social lives in a new country, Santiago Lopez, a first-year student from Argentina explained.


‘Between Shades of Gray’ author talks totalitarianism and Stalin

The first question for New York Times bestselling author Ruta Sepetys was not about her own historical fiction works but another “shades of grey” book that came out the same year as her debut novel.  The “Between Shades of Gray” writer turned toward the audience with a hand under her chin and a wry smile.  “Lithuania has never looked so sexy,” she said, before bursting into laughter and breaking character. The audience roared along with her. 


Don’t DHOP me now: Pancakes for a cause

 On Sunday morning, the sun shone down as Tri-Delt began its annual Delta House of Pancakes (DHOP) fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Under the Uptown park pavilion, they set up tables to serve pancakes, bacon, sausage and coffee.  


Out of the closet on Miami’s campus

What's it like being a member of the LGBTQ+ community at Miami?  For many LGBT students, sideways glances are all-too-common. During Out Week, Miami students spoke about their experiences with LGBT acceptance across campus and how Miami works to make the university a safer, more friendly place.  


Three dimensions, six sides, infinite possibilities

If it wasn’t for junior Oliver Miller, MU Cubed wouldn’t exist. Not only is Miller the president and founder of the organization, he’s also the president of the university’s League of Geeks. Miami University’s Cubing Association provides an outlet for any student with a love for solving Rubik’s cubes, or anyone wanting to learn without having to peel the stickers off.

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