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Sam Cioffi

Even with the pandemic surging, seniors are still trying to make the best of a new bar experience. (Photo taken in Oct. 2020)

Cards at the bars: the new Oxford nightlife

In the past, seniors have enjoyed house parties, bar crawls and throwing their education to the wind in the last few months and weeks of their college experience, but the pandemic has changed all of this.  

Even in the face of an unusual senior year, Davis Byrd prefers to live in the moment and make the best of each situation.

Rolling with the punches: the life of a high school senior

What’s 18-year-old Davis Byrd’s idea of a perfect day? He wakes up, grabs some cereal (he claims it’s the best food), plays the video game Overwatch on his Nintendo Switch and hangs out with two of his friends, Aaron and Nathan. Maybe they even play a little bit of soccer. 

Miami at home: Shrinking the distance, one drive at a time

  I turned the key, and my car purred to life. It had been a little more than a week since I had  left my house, let alone driven. The headlights illuminated the small forest of trees in my backyard.  I connected my phone to the speaker and glanced over at my 17-year-old brother, John, in the passenger seat.  We needed to escape our parents just for the night. 

Amidst the numerous GBD apparel accounts, these two do their best to stand out from the crowd.

Sky of blue, sea of Green (Beer Day shirts)

Starting in the wee hours of March 19, Miami University students across Oxford will begin celebrating Green Beer Day (GBD), a “holiday” where students dress up in green clothing or wear shirts sporting pop culture references related in some way to drinking beer colored a ghastly shade of green. 

Miami student ‘warms hearts’ through charitable business

Sophomore Owen Dame balances classes, clubs and running his own company. Six weeks ago, the entrepreneurship and economics major launched Warm Heart Clothing Co., a business that sells affordable clothing and donates 15 percent of the profits to various charities. 

Armstrong Pavilion played host to a cross-cultural culinary collaboration to celebrate Chuseok last Saturday.  

Korean Thanksgiving dishes out food, friendship and festivities

Armstrong Pavilion is a large room, but last Saturday it felt small as people of all different backgrounds came together as one to celebrate the Korean holiday “Chuseok.” This holiday, which is typically celebrated in September, is a Korean Thanksgiving, with the purpose being to gather with family and share stories and food. 

Three dimensions, six sides, infinite possibilities

If it wasn’t for junior Oliver Miller, MU Cubed wouldn’t exist. Not only is Miller the president and founder of the organization, he’s also the president of the university’s League of Geeks. Miami University’s Cubing Association provides an outlet for any student with a love for solving Rubik’s cubes, or anyone wanting to learn without having to peel the stickers off.