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Jenna Calderón

Notes of nostalgia: From campus to quarantine

When I came to college, I thought I was an adult.  I thought, as most of us probably did, I had it all figured out. Though I was only 17, I was on my own, free from my parents’ roof.  I lived in Hepburn Hall during my first year, and while it was nice, I longed for the day I’d be able to live off campus, avoiding sticky dining hall tables and crowded dorms with communal bathrooms.

It's a beautiful bidet in the neighborhood

The bathrooms of college students can be downright gross.  Toothpaste lines the bowl of the sink, the trashcan overflows and the toilet paper roll is notoriously empty. But, at the very least, Miami University sophomore Seif Boulos can fix that last problem.

Tucson snips and socializes giving his clients a unique haircutting experience.

Barber in the bricks

  Tucson DeShon drapes a white apron across a boy sitting in a dorm room desk chair.  “What are we looking for today?” he asks.  DeShon, a sophomore marketing major, started cutting hair during his junior year of high school. He’s a triplet, and one of his brothers, Turner, was tired of going to a barber to get his haircut.

Alhtough DMA members spend plenty of time in class, they were eager to delve into the magical lessons at the event.

‘Wands at the ready’: The Triwizard Tournament commences

Long, black capes, pointy hats and wands dashed every which way in a hurry to emerge victorious. The whistle of a flute filled the air and magic filled the room. The third-annual Triwizard Tournament was in session, and Miami University’s muggles ran around Armstrong Student Center in celebration.

This Miami duo brings a mix of musical stylings to the basement stage of 1868.

Sharing the stage leads two Miami students to find their own paths

On Tuesday nights, two very different styles of music can be heard emanating from a basement bar on High Street.  Nestled underground on West High Street is Bar 1868, a laid-back lounge with an atmosphere that makes Brick Street’s bustling dance floor seem all the more hectic. The bar has pool tables, biweekly drag shows and, every Tuesday night, live music performed by Miami University seniors Karen Mayet and Zach Vanderink. 

Destination: Staycation

While many of us flocked to our homes and various travel destinations over the lengthy winter break, some folks decided to remain in Oxford. Four of them offered to share a snapshot of their experiences.

Bachelor Hall is no stranger to writers. But last Friday, the writers and their stories were of a spookier variety than normal.

Spooky stories fuel creative minds

The crescent moon hung high as the Halloween spirit carried on into the evening of Nov. 1, when 20 students gathered in the Reading Room of Bachelor Hall to celebrate the holiday in a creative and expressive way. 

Seminar teaches students ‘Howe’ to spark social change

On Saturday, Sept. 28, about 15 Miami students came together at the Howe Writing Center (HWC) for a workshop titled “Writing for Social Action: Local Issues, Local Practices.” There, they met and worked with professionals in writing and rhetoric to improve their writing skills and knowledge on local social action issues. They also learned how to meet their own personal social justice goals.