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Izzy Owen

Unexpected shutdown: transferring to Miami due to COVID

 Imagine if, one day, the students of Miami University woke up to find an email from President Crawford saying that Miami would be closing after 211 years of being an active university. No more Miami classes. No more Miami professors. No more Miami organizations. No more Miami, period.    This is the fate that Urbana University, located in Urbana, Ohio, was met with this year. 

Ringing in the New Year at Miami’s own Shinnenkai Festival

The warm scent of chicken, dumplings and other homemade cuisine hung over the crowd of students packed into the Armstrong Student Center’s Fritz Pavilion. The aroma wound its way through the numerous booths set up throughout the room, wrapping itself around brightly colored paper decorations and ornate ceremonial garb. 

Happy 5th birthday to 20-year-old 'leapling' Vedika Gupta

Sophomore Vedika Gupta isn’t sure what age she’s turning this year.  The marketing major from India is a leapling, meaning her birthday falls on February 29, a date that only occurs every four years.  “Technically I’m turning five, but also 20,” Gupta said. “So I think I’m turning five and 20.”  Although she isn’t sure how to describe her age, Gupta finds joy and takes pride in her leapling status.

Flying … super strength ... and skating?

From Moonlight Skate to Public Skate, an event for students and residents of Oxford alike, Goggin wants to bring people in to try out the ice.  “You’re in college,” Saburn said. “[You] might as well experience what your college has to offer.”