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From SUNY Geneseo to Miami University: One Rabbit’s Journey 

<p>Moo didn&#x27;t come out of a magician&#x27;s hat. Instead, she journeyed to Oxford from New York.</p>

Moo didn't come out of a magician's hat. Instead, she journeyed to Oxford from New York.

What’s black and white and bears a small resemblance to a cow? Moo, the aptly-named bunny. Although she has slightly-longer ears and a more impressive vertical leap than her bovine counterparts, the color similarities are striking.  

Moo, named for that fur pattern similarity, hopped around the kitchen space in her new home as her owner, junior marketing major Maddy Perna, watched. Moo hasn’t been in Oxford long, but Perna says she’s fitting right in. 

Moo arrived in Oxford after spending her entire life in New York, which is where Perna and her family are from. Moo enjoyed spending time in Rochester outside in Perna’s yard. Hopping happily through the blades of grass, she indulged her drive for animal adventure.

Moo has yet to be outside in Oxford, though, due to the heavy traffic outside of her house. Perna also doesn’t want Moo to run off. After her first check up, the vet recommended waiting a month to reduce this risk, but Perna can’t wait to get Moo outside again. 

While Moo is Perna’s first pet — her mom is allergic to both cats and dogs — Perna is Moo’s fourth owner.

Despite being only six months old, Moo had three previous owners before Perna, including two sports teams. Moo’s journey began at The State University of New York College (SUNY) at Geneseo where she lived in a dorm with two girls. 

“They couldn’t take care of her, obviously,” Perna said. 

Dorm living is not ideal for a bunny, so the girls then gave Moo to the school’s lacrosse team, who then passed Moo to the hockey team. Perna’s brother, Chris, who is on the hockey team, took care of Moo at his house before bringing her home for winter break. That’s when Perna met Moo. 

“I just really liked her,” Perna said, referring to the first time she saw her. “She’s really cute.” 

Perna and her parents spent J-term taking care of Moo, who was shy at first. 

“She has become a lot more comfortable around me now,” Perna said. “I can pick her up and hold her without her freaking out.”

Perna said her brother didn’t want to take Moo back to school with him, so she offered to take Moo to Miami. And that’s how Moo traveled from Rochester to Oxford, adjusting to a new school, home and three new roommates. 

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At first, one of Perna’s roommates, Grace, was apprehensive to Moo moving into their home. 

“Once they saw her and saw she was really low maintenance, they were all fine with it,” Perna said.

Moo is not only a sweet face, but also helps after long days at school. When Perna comes home after a stressful day, she lets Moo out to play. Sometimes, she will lay Moo on her chest and the two will watch TV to relax. 

Together, they watch “The Office,” Moo and Perna’s favorite show.