Established 1826 — Oldest College Newspaper West of the Alleghenies


The Scripps Gerontology is housed on the third floor of Upham Hall.

The Scripps Gerontology Center Turns 100

Up three flights of stairs in Upham Hall lies a center older than the building itself. Positioned at the end of one of the characteristically dim hallways is the Scripps Gerontology Center, an aging center with a bright future.

Finding a good place to study is just as important as getting the studying done. Some students choose to study in Armstrong Student Center (pictured here), while others choose to study in their dorm or a coffee shop. This list lays out the best study spots at Miami.

Oxford’s best study spots: a complete list

While finding time to study and work on homework is crucial, finding a good place to study is just as important. Here, in no particular order, are some of the best study spots, both on and off campus.