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Lilly and Me: A Farewell Scrapbook

If you've been keeping up with us from the beginning, you know that Lilly and I have been through our fair share of trials and tribulations over the past four months. For 14 weeks, I've used this column to cover topics such as depression, anxiety, alcoholism, fear of adulthood, assuming responsibility and, in our most harrowing ordeal, Lilly running into the woods and remaining missing for five hours. If you'd never actually met us in person, I couldn't fault you for thinking we lead somewhat of a gloomy or cheerless life.


Drenched at the Derby: Fourteen years for more than two minutes

The Kentucky Derby has forever been dubbed "the most exciting two minutes in sports," and Churchill Downs is easily one of the most historic sporting venues in North America. But the nickname and common knowledge forgets the 10 hours before those exciting two minutes and the people who fill the venue.


John Darlin: Seeing the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Uptown Oxford's Farmers Market is full of more than just fresh produce and colorful flowers. Students and locals alike may at first come for the shopping, but it is hard to leave without collecting a story or two from jewelry artist John Darlin, who has had a life full of adventure.



Miami University Men's Glee Club held their 111th annual Home Concert series over the weekend in Hall Auditorium. The concert, named because the Glee Club was the first group to perform in Hall Auditorium when it was built in 1908, is the culmination of a year's worth of work for the club.



Featuring a man insistent on his own intelligence, dismissive of women and easily controlled by someone even more arrogant, the Department of Theatre's production of "Tartuffe" proved the necessity of art in challenging those in power.


MU students craft films on a deadline for college film festival

Long after the sun had dipped below the horizon and shadows crept across Miami's campus, a group of students gathered at King Library. Fingers clacked across keyboards, and ideas flew from left and right as a group of students began to shape a film they'd have only a few short weeks to take from pre-production to the silver screen.


Lilly and Me: learning responsibility

There was still about an hour of light left before the sun set on the weekend, so I grabbed Lilly's leash and led her to the dog park yet again. Now that I've stopped letting her off the leash on our walks, I've been making an effort to visit the park at least once or twice a day since it's the only remaining place she can run freely. I figured that, at this late hour, there would be few other dogs to distract her and we could practice playing fetch, an activity I'm happy to report she is starting to figure out. She's now at the point where she'll chase after the ball when I throw it; the second (and rather important) half of her game still needs some work.

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