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Swing Syndicate hosts jazzy dance exchange

Set to the silky tunes of the Solomon Douglas Quartet and the upbeat tapping of numerous pairs of feet, Miami Swing Syndicate's MUDE Swings: Lucky 7s dance took place this past Friday and Saturday in the Heritage room of the Shriver Center.


Mande misses mark: Night of comedy in review

"Is there a reviewer from the student paper here?" comedian, actor and writer Joe Mande asked toward the end of his set. "Because I will give you 20 dollars to say this was good"


Dating with 'OK Crupid'

A list of names flashed on the TV screen, some familiar to Monica Touby, others less so. One by one, a group of amateur matchmakers paired the names into compatible couples. In an age of dating apps and algorithms, the matchmakers relied on intuition and Facebook stalking to create the best combinations.


'Beyond High Street': Miami alum podcast

When David Schwab graduated from Miami in 1994, he knew he was going to miss High Street. All of his fond memories of college life seemed to culminate at this familiar meeting place.


Survival Guide to Oxford in Winter

With its warm, clear nights, verdant foliage and musical wildlife, summer is nearly always a wonderful time to be in Oxford. The weather allows for comfortable outdoor exploration, and the magic that is air conditioning provides relief whenever the sun gets to be too hot. Truly, summer is a season for exploration, activity and enjoyment.


Ballroom dance club finds footing in new roles

Mambo. Cha cha. Quickstep. Foxtrot. All ballroom dances involve a "leader," which is traditionally a man, who directs the "follower," traditionally a woman. To help others learn to dance -- regardless of gender identity -- through the ballroom dance club, first-year Brynne Menkhaus and graduate student Josh Schussler are learning to be both leaders and followers.


Miami welcomes spring transfer students

On the evening of January 24, days before the majority of students would be flocking back to Miami's campus, freshman Connor Catlett arrived before he even had a dorm to stay in. A transfer student from the University of Georgia, the new RedHawk ended up sleeping on a friend of a friend's couch the night before his freshman transfer orientation.


Lilly and Me

If one of my neighbors were to have looked out their bedroom window last Saturday morning around 7:15, here's what they would have seen: Me, dressed in sweatpants, a gray fleece and moccasin slippers, sprinting across my lawn and around the block, an empty leash in hand.


Stressing the benefits of study away

This past weekend, the university saw a blur of students and professors rushing back into the Oxford city limits, thus ending their winter vacations and settling back in for a new semester, as is the late January custom at Miami. But for members of the Miami community that traveled for a J-term study away program, this transition was particularly stressful.


The Best TV Episodes of 2017

Every end-of-year "best-of" television list you read over the next week or so is going to begin with a disclaimer. It's impossible to narrow it down to just five, or 10, or 25 of the best shows, critics will lament, citing the ever-sprawling world of Peak TV, when it's simply impractical for any one writer to watch enough of the shows out there to produce a fair ranking. Even if I had seen them all, they'll add, there's so much good TV out there these days that I can't possibly make room for all the episodes that deserve a spot on my precious list.


Dance Theatre showcases students' struggles

The stage in Wilks Theater stood empty aside from soft purple and blue lights. A moment later it was bursting with artistic movements, monochromatic costumes and climbing piano music.