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Jessica Robinson

Jessica is a professional writing and public health double major from Liberty, Indiana. Aside from her work at TMS, Jessica is an RA on campus, an active member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, a member of the marketing team for CCMB, a writer for The Miami Patriot, and co-Artistic Director of Sketched Out, the only performing improv comedy group on campus. She once got a concussion from hitting herself in the head with a tennis racket. Jessica once fell down both stair sets outside Benton Hall. Jessica is outgoing and extroverted. She cannot stay silent for more than ten minutes. Jess enjoys making people smile and hopes to brighten your day with the humor section! Her favorite spot on campus is Kumler Chapel on Western Campus.

I'm a single lady

Spoiler alert: he dumped me at my sister's wedding where I was the maid of honor and he had a seat with me at the bridal party table. 10/10 would recommend.