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Women with ADHD struggle with studies, often go unnoticed

Being a student with ADHD poses a number of hurdles, especially in the era of online learning. Female students in particular also face issues centered around diagnoses and ADHD awareness.  These female Miamians discuss what it's like to juggle the duties of a college student with the challenges of living with ADHD. 


ASG asks students to “pick their portion”

  Miami University’s Associated Student Government (ASG) launched an initiative earlier this month to reduce food waste in campus dining halls by asking students to “pick their portion.” Dining halls across campus now display stickers on the glass in front of food stations prompting students to be specific about the amount of food they wish to receive. Options include double, full and half-portions, as well as “just a taste.”

The path to being a completely age-friendly university is a long one, but one that Miami has started down in recent years. Photo provided by Jaime Wojcik.

Miami’s new age-friendly status still has growing to do

  Miami University entered the Age-Friendly University (AFU) Global Network just three weeks ago. The AFU Global Network ties Miami to a commitment – with about 69 other universities – to increase education and other services for older people outside the traditional college student age range. The workgroup outlined a plan in its AFU application to develop webinars geared toward faculty on age-inclusive education that would cover topics like diversity.  

FSB cancelled all of its winter study abroad programs due to concerns over the omicron variant and host country restrictions.

Farmer to use virtual reality for diversity training

  Miami University’s Farmer School of Business (FSB) is making strides to include virtual reality (VR) technology in its diversity and inclusion training. Virtual reality training is just one part of FSB’s initiative to revamp its DEI program. Starting this year, FSB began its Beyond Ready CQ program, which aims to improve its students’ “CQ,” or cultural intelligence IQ, through a series of skills credentials. 

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