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Calzones go perfectly with a themed episode of Seinfeld for a National Calzone Day celebration.

Calzones and comedy: the unlikeliest of duos

Calzones have always fascinated me. They’re often compared to pizza, with both being from Italy and standardly consisting of dough, tomato sauce and cheese, plus whatever other toppings the devourer desires. 

Pawpaw bread, shown above buttered and fresh out of the oven, is a traditional Myaamia recipe.

‘The Weekly Veg’: Pawpaw bread

When I asked if Abby would be willing to teach me a traditional Myaamia recipe for the return of the Weekly Veg column, she was happy to do so! And so, I present to you the recipe she showed to me: pawpaw bread.

On Wednesday, Oct. 12 by 9 p.m., breakfast had sold out at Pulley Diner due to the return of all-day breakfast.

The return of all-day breakfast

After nearly two months of school, the official Instagram account for Miami University’s dining services announced in a post on Monday, Oct. 10 that they had listened to the student body’s wishes and brought back our beloved all-day breakfast services. 

Food Editor Ames Radwan enjoys eating Bagel & Deli. Pictured are B&D’s “Salty Hor” (bottom right), “Kim’s Veggie Pizza” (top center) and “Earth Day” (bottom left) bagels.

To bagel…

As long as it’s round with a hole in the middle and made of bagel dough, it’s a bagel, no matter which way it’s cooked/prepared. I will stand by that. 

Food Editor Ames Radwan (left) and Assistant Opinion Editor Devin Ankeney (right) wrote opposing articles to decide, once and for all, if Bagel and Deli is good or bad.

…or not to bagel

Maybe you feel that bagels which you deem “firm” are too difficult on the teeth, rendering your poor mouth aching after eating that horrid treat New Yorkers have been nagging on about for decades. But, maybe, just maybe, you’ve not had a proper bagel before. 

A version of elotes, a popular Mexican street food, can easily be made in your dorm.

ELOTEEE... the recipe

Using what I remembered about elotes, and with a bit of help from my older sister, I was able to create a very simple recipe fit for the average broke college student. With this recipe, you’ll be able to create a taste of Mexico in your very own residence hall.  


Give your body some love

“If you’re craving sweets all the time, then you’re not giving yourself enough love,” the woman said. Her words changed my life. 


A love letter to Jungle Jim’s

Jungle Jim's International Market, in Fairfield, Ohio, is exactly what it says it is: an international market. What’s missing from the name are all the quirks inside that make it more than just a grocery store.  

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