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'13 Reasons Why' handles suicide irresponsibly

The trailer for "13 Reasons Why" seemed preposterous, and I'm a staunch proponent of young adult-targeted TV campiness; "Bunheads" and "Make It or Break it" rank among my favorite shows, and full disclosure, I still record "Teen Mom 2" to binge over breaks.


Chance the Philanthropist

When Chance the Rapper dropped "Coloring Book" almost a year ago, I was nearing the end of high school, and my best friends and I were driving early one morning before school to watch the sunrise on Lake Michigan. I immediately fell in love with the catchy hooks, goofy laughs and nonsensical yelps that filter through his lyrics.


'Legion' is an excellent, trippy take on superhero TV

In the past few years, superheroes have taken television by storm. The CW has a DC show for almost every day of the week, and Marvel has partnered with ABC and Netflix to broadcast a handful of popular shows like "Daredevil" and "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Just when it seemed like the formula for a comic book show was obvious, FX's "Legion" arrived to turn everything on its head.


IAS production masquerades as real talk show

Miami students may have noticed posters hanging around campus advertising the arrival of "The Latest Show," a talk show stopping in Oxford as part of its College Tour. Those who attended the showings, however, realized that this was not an actual filming of a real talk show, but a play made to appear like one.


Rotten Tomatoes' influence and the importance of bad movies

On March 24, producer Brett Ratner ("The Revenant," "Prison Break") made a statement that caused major waves in the film community: "The worst thing that we have in today's movie culture is Rotten Tomatoes . . . I think it's the destruction of our business." With this accusation, Ratner certainly means to target the crux of our current film culture, but amidst all the negative responses, one has to wonder: Is he right?


PAS to host 'Disenchanted' tomorrow

College students will remember with nostalgia the days of popping in their favorite Disney movie on VHS tape. Favorites might include the magic of "Sleeping Beauty," the fierceness of "Mulan" or the elegance of "Cinderella." On April 5, these regal beauties will undergo a serious change in the production of "Disenchanted"


From the editor's bookshelf

The way to a reader's heart is easy. Much like film buffs who gush over movies about filmmaking, devoted readers will melt in the palm of the author that can write well about their own relationship with words, stories and authors.


Drake defines and defies identity with 'More Life'

To be a pop trendsetter is to have the weight of an industry on your back. Music's biggest pop stars -- Taylor Swift, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry--have been taking huge amounts of time crafting new albums, fighting against the tide of copycats and determining which sonic trends are simply fads or the next big thing. Drake doesn't have that problem. His new albums are almost an annual affair, each release breaking streaming records and amassing hordes of fans.


Editors' spring break podcast picks

With spring break next week, many students are gearing up for long plane rides and road trips. What better time to get lost in the excitement of a new podcast? The sheer amount of great podcasts out there can be overwhelming, so here are our staff's recommendations for what to listen to next.


Like it or not, HBO's 'Girls' is an important voice for millennials

"Girls" kicked off its sixth -- and last -- season on Feb. 12. The dramedy has been a magnet for public hostility since its 2012 premiere, chiefly stemming from controversial star and showrunner Lena Dunham. Complaints also generally decry its appallingly unlikable characters, as well as its nudity (excessive even by HBO's saucy standards).


'Feud' revitalizes legendary Old Hollywood squabble

In the age of diss tracks and subtweets, celebrity feuds are more rampant than ever. From Drake and Meek Mill to Taylor Swift and Kanye West/Katy Perry/(insert name here), it seems like half of Hollywood has a score to settle. "Feud: Bette and Joan" proves that this trend goes back decades by retelling a story of monumental celebrity warfare. Millennials may not be familiar with the lifetime rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, but they will instantly recognize their loathing in contemporary stars.


'Logan' delivers a fine superhero movie, better character drama

Wolverine has been the biggest player in the "X-Men" film franchise since it began way back in 2000, renewing the industry's fascination with superheroes and jump-starting Hugh Jackman's career. It's a shame, then, that his first two solo films as the clawed mutant never quite figured out what makes the character so intriguing to countless fans. However, Jackman's ninth(!) and final outing as Wolverine, "Logan," hones in on the most intriguing parts of the character with surprisingly powerful results.

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