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Pandemics and streaming services leave the future of theaters and box office numbers up in the air.

The future of movie theaters is grim

Last winter, I saw “Cats,” “Frozen II,” “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” “Emma” and “1917” in theaters. My goal for the year was to see a movie every other weekend in 2020, and for the first couple, I was well ahead of schedule.


TMS Staff Picks: October 2020

During quarantine, our sophomore and junior editors started to contribute to a monthly playlist where we all put in our five favorite songs for the month. Below, all of the contributors posted their favorite song and an explanation on why they chose it.


The many covers of Miley Cyrus

I was never Cyrus’s biggest fan. For years, I had lived with the idea that she was a factory-produced popstar not worth my time. I saw the stereotypical Miley fan as a teenage girl and decided I was too good to listen to any of her work. I was wrong.

People say that some celebrities' careers will live on forever after they die, but these celebrities don't seem like they will ever meet their maker.

10 celebrities that are immortal

Over the years, I have meticulously observed and analyzed famous individuals and, in turn, have come to the conclusion that some celebrities will simply never die. Some of them are even luckier — they will never age, which means by default they will never die either. 


TMS Editor Picks: August 2020

During quarantine, our sophomore and junior editors started to contribute to a monthly playlist where we would all put our five favorite songs for the month in a playlist. Below, all of the contributors posted their favorite song and a little explanation on why they chose it. 


Dealing with the cards you're dealt

  While quarantined, many students have taken to their Instagram stories, posting bingo cards, motivational quotes and songs they’re listening to. Junior marketing and entrepreneurship major Sam Christie had a different idea.  A lover of all sorts of games, Christie started having regular game nights with his friends earlier this semester. When he had to go back to his hometown of Brentwood, Tennessee, he was disappointed he wouldn’t be able to continue the game nights, especially the one he had planned for his birthday.


A comprehensive quarantine streaming guide — Part two

I took some time out of my very busy schedule (of WebExing into classes for two hours a week and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my time) to compile all of the quality films streaming on Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Hulu and Netflix right now. The Student will be releasing my recommendations in weekly installments until the end of the semester. This week, we have true-crime documentaries, fun documentaries and dramas for you.

Joyner Lucas has transitioned from viral sensation to legitimate artist.

The social experiment ‘ADHD’ is a noteworthy debut for Joyner Lucas

Compared to mainstream rappers such as Drake, Eminem and Kanye West, Joyner Lucas may not be a household name.  He is known for his quick delivery and self-driven lyrics, while also contrasting most of hip-hop’s common topics such as partying, drugs and women. He has garnered a following for the past five years with songs such as “Ross Capicchioni” and “Long Way.” In that time, he has released four mixtapes and featured on many artists’ songs, notably Eminem’s “Lucky You” in 2018.

The Weeknd has reinvented his image once again with his new album "After Hours".

The Weeknd’s new album ‘After Hours’ is dark, and fans love it

The Weeknd is keeping his fans' ears happy during a pandemic. The Weeknd dropped his highly anticipated new album, “After Hours,” on March 20. This album is a follow up to his 2018 EP, “My Dear Melancholy,” and his first studio album since 2016’s “Starboy.” He showed no fear of releasing an album during the COVID-19 crisis. The Weeknd tweeted, “Let music heal us,” on March 15, just days before his album dropped. 

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