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Devon Shuman

Discovering Horseshoe Bend

U.S. Route 89 in northern Arizona is just like most highways in the American Southwest -- barren, dusty, cutting through a vast desert expanse dotted with pale green shrubs and the occasional cactus. Unlike my hometown north of Boston, where the suburbs fill the map like a geographic jigsaw puzzle, this area is hauntingly unpopulated, the roads stretching for miles in between cities with names like Wahweap and Lechee.

Cocaine deaths bring hard drug use into necessary light

Yesterday, the Oxford Police Department released a warning to residents about a possible "particularly dangerous" batch of cocaine out on the streets. This announcement comes in the wake of the deaths of two non-student residents of Oxford, a man and a woman both in their twenties, found dead on Saturday. The exact cause of death, police said, will not be determined for several weeks until the toxicology tests come back, but cocaine use is suspected cause in both cases.

Editors' spring break podcast picks

With spring break next week, many students are gearing up for long plane rides and road trips. What better time to get lost in the excitement of a new podcast? The sheer amount of great podcasts out there can be overwhelming, so here are our staff's recommendations for what to listen to next.

Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Dip

By no means am I an expert on cooking. I need printed recipes for anything more complicated than an omelet, I couldn't tell you the difference between a rib eye and a red eye and I consider any week in which I have ramen for dinner less than three times a success.

Beer adds to Kofenya's cozy ambiance

When senior Natalie Wink talks about beer, a smile stretches across her face. Her eyes light up and there's an excited cadence in her voice as she speaks about porters and IPA's, about different flavor notes and her favorite breweries. She talks not of pitchers and shots, but of community, of the excitement and relaxation associated with "grabbing a beer" as opposed to chugging one.

Earth Fest, sister March for Science combine

A lack of activism at Miami University has been a sore spot in the school's recent history. In light of the current rhetoric surrounding the field of science and climate change specifically, educational leadership graduate student Dustin Hornbeck decided something needed to give.

M. Night Shyamalan disappoints with "Split"

M. Night Shyamalan is known for his captivating horror movies such as "The Sixth Sense," "Signs" and "The Visit." So, I was excited to see how his most recent addition to the world of psychological horror films, "Split," measured up to his chilling predecessors. However, "Split" ultimately fails to deliver the suspense and thrill promised by this genre, and resorts to using a mental disorder and childhood sexual abuse as plot devices to add shock value.