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Bo Brueck

Our assistant photo editor, Bo Brueck, is a sophomore studying journalism and environmental science. Bo began writing in third grade and has been chasing stories ever since. His first book, about a penguin taking an adventure to the moon, won first prize in the kids choice category that year. In high school he worked for his student publication: the Dow High Update. There, he learned the basics of journalism and what it takes to tell a compelling true story. Writing about people has always been interesting to Bo, and at The Miami Student he gets to continue learning about others. Bo started out at The Student writing and shooting his own Humans of Oxford stories, which gave him the ability to tell his stories through words and visuals. Now, as an assistant photo editor, Bo spends most of his time shooting for his colleagues’ stories and bringing the paper to life with snapshots of life in Oxford. 

Not your boomer’s blue-suede shoes

My shoes are a symbol of freedom and individuality. Being able to dress myself was a huge step toward becoming my own person, and as my ability to dress developed, so did my taste in sneakers.

They didn’t think their roads would lead to the same place, but the Kellers are happy they ended up together.

Notes of nostalgia: A dull hatchet and a bright friend

 The summer after my senior year of high school taught me a lot of things, and most of those “life-lessons” have faded away with their corresponding memories. But Sean cutting his thumb, well, you could say it cut a little deeper.   

New Gate Arena gaming center brings fun back to gaming

Junior Isaiah Konn is peering around a corner with his gun up, looking for any indication of the enemy’s position. His eyes dart to the screen and notice the faint red dot of an enemy at 9 o’clock, two rooms over, headed south. He spins his character around with a flick of his mouse and creeps toward the doorway he suspects the enemy to breach. 

Oxford man strums on the street to survive

Plop. Ching. Coins tumble into John Flinders’ open guitar case. Two quarters this time — not bad. Flinders is in his late 40s and has been playing his guitar on High Street for four years. His guitar is battered and his clothes are torn and grey. A too-small zip-up hoodie stretches around his broad shoulders. The shredded tassels of his too-long jeans dangle around his old work boots.

50th Rugby Reunion: Old Boys Weekend

The rain is audible on the turf of Yager field and the sky is a shade of grey that would keep most people cooped up inside. Not rugby players, though. Not Miami University's Old Boys.

Miles for Michael's memory

On Sunday morning, students, staff and parents gathered in Uptown Park to commemorate the life of former Miami student and Delta Sigma Pi president, Michael Hayes. The mass of purple shirts huddled together and created an atmosphere of camaraderie along High Street. The sun radiated, combating the brisk wind, while the warm feelings of the Delta Sigma Pi family flooded the air.