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First year Olivia Dustrud - Kinesiology

What Miami is Wearing: Winter

When faced with harsh winter weather, personal style can become hard to express under a warm winter coat. But as the winter progresses, I’m excited to see where Miami’s style goes as we continue to express ourselves now that we’re all back on campus.


The history of dress codes, gendered discrimination across centuries

Whether or not dress codes discriminate against women has been a topic of debate for decades. Particularly in schools, there have been many examples of gender bias, such as the infamous “fingertip” policy, a rule at many schools that states all women’s bottoms must extend past the tip of the wearer’s middle finger, according to an article published by NPR.

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Romanticism and nature at Paris Fashion Week

The relatively new couturier's ethereal collection, named "Orchidée Précieuse" (Precious Orchid), evoked imagery of fairy tales, nature and magic. A quintessential example of the fantastical, dreamy wonder that Paris symbolizes. 


Paris Fashion Week: Acne Studios and the debate of deconstructed fashion

This season, the introduction of these futuristic pieces makes way for the deconstructionist movement. To fall under the category of “deconstruction,” the garments should look unfinished or in the process of finishing. They could also be disassembled and put together to form something new through techniques like mixing fabrics or cutting already finished silhouettes.


Princess Di’s timeless style

Princess Diana, the “People’s Princess,” has always been one of the most tragic, beautiful and impactful fashion icons of the 20th century. Known for her humanitarian work and impeccable style, she remains one of the public’s most favorite royals. It's been over two decades since she passed away, yet her signature style still can be spotted in spirit everywhere from New York streets to the sidewalks of college campuses. 


Heaven and Hell: the rise of Marc Jacobs

From Nirvana-obsessed teenagers to pop icons like Olivia Rodrigo, the 90s fashion dream still reigns supreme. But what some may not know is that the original 90s grunge aesthetic has one big thing in common with today’s internet-driven fashion landscape – Marc Jacobs.

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The stars at the 2021 Met Gala who embodied American Independence

This year’s invitees and their designers did a fabulous job at thoughtfully responding to what it means to be American through the lens of costume. The looks are a culmination of thousands of hours in ateliers and offices, planning, conceptualizing, designing and constructing every intricate detail of these looks. 

photo from Instagram: @maisonmargiela

The history of the split-toe Tabi

The Tabi boot not only has a split toe, but it has also caused a split in public opinion. Constructed of leather panels, a heel, and a hoof-like front, Martin Margiela’s debut footwear offering introduced the fashion house’s most notable silhouette.


Miami Students Stand Up To Fast Fashion

 Popular stores such as Shein, Forever 21, H&M and American Eagle operate as “fast fashion” – stores specializing in trendy clothes at the cost of workplace ethics. To some students, this is highly unacceptable, and they search for alternatives to fast fashion.


Learning to dress for me

Around this time last year, like many people, I began experimenting with my self-expression — trying out different styles of clothes, hair and makeup. Stuck in my house with nowhere to go, it was safe and easy to try something new within the walls of my bedroom. 


The Vivienne Westwood Influence

Punk, checkered prints and Anglomania. A fashion revolution tailored to express freedom and rebellion. The punks that parents warned their kids about, covered from head to toe in safety pins and checkers, wearing ripped band shirts. This was what Vivienne Westwood cultivated in the mid-70s. 


For You Page Fashion

In fashion, you want to look different, and to stand out from the crowd with your own unique style. Rejecting mainstream fashion and “basic” style trends is often a complex that afflicts the fashion-forward.  

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