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Mihaela Manova

Fashion is back: the craziest fashion month

Fashion runways have returned to what fashion is all about: glamour and innovation. This season’s fashion month has turned many heads and has gone through new creative paths: in runaways, models and clothing pieces.

Paris Fashion Week: Acne Studios and the debate of deconstructed fashion

This season, the introduction of these futuristic pieces makes way for the deconstructionist movement. To fall under the category of “deconstruction,” the garments should look unfinished or in the process of finishing. They could also be disassembled and put together to form something new through techniques like mixing fabrics or cutting already finished silhouettes.

Heaven and Hell: the rise of Marc Jacobs

From Nirvana-obsessed teenagers to pop icons like Olivia Rodrigo, the 90s fashion dream still reigns supreme. But what some may not know is that the original 90s grunge aesthetic has one big thing in common with today’s internet-driven fashion landscape – Marc Jacobs.

photo from Instagram: @maisonmargiela

The history of the split-toe Tabi

The Tabi boot not only has a split toe, but it has also caused a split in public opinion. Constructed of leather panels, a heel, and a hoof-like front, Martin Margiela’s debut footwear offering introduced the fashion house’s most notable silhouette.