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Fendi: The largest show with the biggest surprises

The Fendi Resort 2023 collection became the biggest event of this year’s New York Fashion Week. Instead of the usual Milan location for the brand, New York welcomed guests to witness the major collaborations between creative director Kim Jones and Marc Jacobs, as well as Tiffany & Co. and Japanese bag producer, Porter.

In the front row, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker and Niomi Watts made an appearance. This collection featured beiges and tan colors along with pops of neon and Tiffany’s signature blue color. 

The looks definitely captivated Sabrina Wrachford, Miami University junior emerging technology in business and design (ETBD) and media and communication double major. Her favorite piece of the collection was the fourth look, a lime green dress

“I think the silhouette is super flattering and the sequin detailing is giving me Y2K vibes,” Wrachford said. “The neckline of the dress gives it that feminine flair, but the flowy shape of the dress looks like it’d be so comfortable — I’m all for being comfy and cute.” 

As one of the creators of Miami’s up-and-coming magazine, Pixel, Wrachford looks at the details of her favorite look. 

“I also love the way it’s styled — the purple socks and almost slipper-like shoes are a vibe,” Wrachford said. “I would totally wear this look out to a fancier event — it's giving Y2K fairy with a hint of prep.”

According to the Economic Times, Jacobs created ten of the 54 looks. As Jacobs continues to design for his Y2K brand, Heaven by Marc Jacobs, the looks on this runway garner a fresh feel from the pop of color which transform everyday clothing items. The Fendi Baguette bag was also included in his section of the show, as it celebrated 25 years since it’s popularization from the hit show “Sex and the City.” 

Tiffany & Co. incorporated their diamonds, while Jacobs had his own take of labeling each bag with black, square letters saying, “The Baguette.”

Wrachford enjoyed how this accessory became the focal point of the show. 

“I’m a huge fan of the Baguette bag. I feel like the shape is super versatile and could be worn with both dressed up and dressed down outfits,” she said.

 Throughout the runway, this versatility can be seen as the Baguette was incorporated with sporty and even more feminine looks. As yellow is Fendi’s signature color, the Baguette became a part of the black and yellow ensembles as well as full navy blue outfits. 

In the end of the show, as Silvia Venturini Fendi, Jones, Jacobs, and Fendi jeweler Delfina Delettrez took their bows, there was a surprise by the appearance of ‘90s supermodel Linda Evangelista. 

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Her recent appearance in British Vogue as well as her current Fendi campaign has marked her return to the fashion industry, and as Vogue would describe it, “If there was symbolism to be found in Evangelista’s presence, it was in the icon status, continuity and timeless she shares with the Baguette. As she was celebrated for her return, current supermodel Bella Hadid also walked down the runway, while newcomer Lila Moss, daughter of Kate Moss, opened the show. 

After taking their bows, the standing ovation that followed signified the end of one of the most action packed and memorable shows of the season. Looking at the rest of the runways this season, they have some competition.