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Jack Schmelzinger stands in front of The New York Times building. This guy wrote a book while in college. Damn.

Miami’s been very, very good to me

Before my first year at Miami University, I changed my major away from journalism. Thankfully, James Tobin, a journalism professor, somehow saw that, gave me a call and talked to me about the Miami journalism program. After we hung up, I went right back into the system and changed my major back. 


AI is a better employee than you

AI threatens your ability to get a job. Not simply because using AI to cheat may mean you lack valuable skills required for the workforce, but also because it can probably do your job better than you. 


Let’s start reading for pleasure again

I read constantly. Last year, I logged 36 books on my Goodreads. This year, I’m shooting for 40. As far back as first grade, I’ve always loved getting lost in a book. The feeling of spending my day lost in a whole different world, even if it was just for a few minutes at a time, was indescribable.


Relying on social media for news is dangerous

When you leave the country, it’s a given that some things are going to be different, whether it’s politics, currency, language or food. But I did not realize being a few hundred miles from home in the same country, there could also be such stark differences. 


The purpose of liberal education in a tumultuous world

When I was 18, I sat in a crowded lecture hall at Ohio University, crammed on both sides by people I didn’t know, freaked out about how I was going to keep my head above water. I felt myself begin to panic as I stewed in the warmth of other people when a large man wearing a sweat-stained shirt walked into the room, banged a book onto the lectern and just began lecturing. 


Collecting signatures to end gerrymandering

Good government groups are active in Ohio again, and you might see some of them holding a  Citizens Not Politicians petition. The Citizens Not Politicians initiative is collecting signatures to bring reform to Ohio’s redistricting process.


Students need help and homework is the answer

Assignments, especially the reading and homework students are asked to complete, are the dread of many college students. No one jumps at the chance to read a 10-page PDF of Socrates’ writings or to complete three hours’ worth of online math equations a week. 


Embrace your childhood interests again

I’m 18 years old, and I still sleep with stuffed animals. I’m not embarrassed. I’m not ashamed to say I drift off to sleep every night accompanied by Winnie the Pooh and a brown bear wearing a Miami University shirt. As a kid, I tucked my plush friends under the covers and hugged them before falling asleep.

Boredom can be a productive fact of life rather than a failure to stimulate woth technology.

Being bored is overrated

Boredom: a feeling that comes and goes, but always manages to return. As young adults in college, we’re told that these will be the “best years of our lives,” and that we’ll dream about reliving these days the moment our feet leave the stage, hands clutching onto our degree.