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A defense of “boomer music”

I get my love for music from my dad. I’m sure a lot of people can say that. What most others can’t say, though, is that my music taste mirrors his almost exactly. Though my music taste truly spans all eras and genres, I listen to classic rock more than anything else. My friends affectionately call it “boomer music.”


Pop Culture Convos - 2021 Oscar predictions

"2021 Oscar predictions" is the 6th episode of The Miami Student's entertainment podcast, Pop Culture Convos This week on Pop Culture Convos our host David Kwiatkowski discusses his predictions for the upcoming 2021 Oscars. After the Oscars have aired, he will be joined by our two multimedia editors, Sarah Grace Hays and Maggie Pena to discuss the outcomes.


Please leave COVID out of this, Hollywood

During a time when nearly one in five Americans and three in 10 Black or Hispanic Americans report knowing a close friend or relative that has died from COVID-19, it’s safe to say there’s been some trauma acquired over the course of the pandemic.  

Our design editor recently watched "Minari" and reflected on his identity as an Asian American.

I underestimated “Minari:” why I was so wrong

“Minari” so meticulously unearthed these uncomfortable memories from my youth because, in David, I didn't just see a child who looked like me – I saw my childhood. I saw it in a way I never had before on screen, in full color through such subtle, intimate details


TMS Editor Picks: Valentine’s Day Edition

During quarantine, our sophomore and junior editors started to contribute to a monthly playlist where they all put in their five favorite songs for the month. Below, all of the contributors posted their favorite song and an explanation on why they chose it. 

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