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Expanding Horizons - Episodes 3 & 4

Hosted by Entertainment Editor Reece Hollowell and Opinion Editor Devin Ankeney, each episode of Expanding Horizons features the hosts recommending and discussing albums they love, ranging from decades-old classics to modern favorites.

In episode three, Reece Hollowell and Devin Ankeney find themselves getting the most negative yet with polarizing takes on James Blake's "Friends That Break Your Heart" and Black Sabbath's "Master of Reality."

In episode four, the hosts are joined by Miami University and Miami Student alumna Meta Hoge for a super-sized episode of three remarkably different albums: "Stick Season" by Noah Kahan, "Selling England by the Pound" by Genesis and "Ctrl" by SZA.

To listen to some of Reece and Devin's highlights from each episode, check out this Spotify playlist, featuring their three favorite tracks from the albums.

This podcast was produced and edited by Reece Hollowell and Devin Ankeney, with supervising production by Sean Scott.


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