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Pop Culture Convos - Mariah Carey: The Queen of Christmas

“Mariah Carey the Queen of Christmas ” is the 23rd episode of The Miami Student’s entertainment podcast, Pop Culture Convos.

It's time — Mariah Carey has thawed. The pop-diva’s hit Christmas song, “All I Want for Christmas Is You," has broken several records since its debut in 1994. Why does the world bow down to Mariah Carey every single year? And why has the time of her thawing moved up every year, from early December to Nov. 1?

Today, hosts Maggie Peña, Sean Scott and Reece Hollowell discuss this holiday enigma and Mariah Carey’s legacy.

This podcast was produced and edited by Sean Scott, Maggie Peña, Reece Hollowell and Sarah Grace Hays with supervising production by Cosette Gunter.



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