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Gianna Colarich

Colarich wore her most stylish yet warm outfits for a week.

Stay cozy in the cold

It’s finally time to embrace chilly temperatures as we move from late fall into winter, which begs the question: How do we stay comfortable and warm all while showing off our own personal style?

Colarich dresses in her best colors for fall on campus.

Trends to watch for this fall

Autumn is upon us, and for us fashionistas, there’s nothing more exciting than a fall style upgrade. As the weather cools down, here’s some fall trends I’ve been loving to spruce up your fall wardrobe.

Fashion advice for incoming first-years

For some incoming first-years, packing your closet can seem like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. Rising sophomore Gianna Colarich shares some tips and tricks on style at Miami and what to include in your wardrobe.