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Fashion advice for incoming first-years


Back-to-school season is almost upon us, and with that arrives Miami University students’ fall fashion choices. But for first-years arriving on campus this semester, packing your closet can prove to be an overwhelming task if you’re unsure of what to bring.

To help you on your college fashion journey, here’s a brief yet comprehensive style guide for your first year at Miami. 

When thinking about my first year, one of my biggest takeaways was embracing a more casual, comfortable look — something I discussed at length in my previous article. Of course, this isn’t permission to throw style out the window. In fact, it’s an invitation to combine your personal style with casual everyday wear. 

Athleisure is an excellent way to achieve this look, and it consistently remains one of Miami’s favorite trends. Staple pieces such as flare leggings, athletic dresses, oversized sweatshirts and platform sneakers are versatile, comfortable and stylish for daily wear on campus. 

Another idea to consider is a capsule wardrobe or simply sustainable, neutral basics that can be easily styled together. Not only is this a cost effective and space-saving method of building your closet, it also quickly builds up your wardrobe repertoire, providing you with go-to outfits to save you time on early mornings. 

Plus, having a rotation of basics and more formal pieces is excellent for days when you need to dress up, such as for presentations or networking and recruitment events. 

Finally, for those planning to hit Uptown throughout the fall semester, a couple of quintessential going-out outfits are a must-have. These can range from slip dresses or bodysuits to jeans and a t-shirt, but seen most often is the “going-out top” paired with a mini skirt or pants. 

If you’re feeling panicked about what to bring with you, don’t give in to the temptation to buy too much. If there’s anything dorm life gives you, it’s a hundred neighbors’ closets just down the hall to borrow from. 

By stocking up on a few quality tops – my tried and true is the Aritzia Wilfred Rhapsody tank – and some pants, you’re ready to move in and all set for nights out Uptown. 

While college is a major transition, your style is your own and you don’t have to give up on your personal aesthetic in the process. However, college is a time to explore your identity – so don’t shy away from testing new trends and styles. 

At the end of the day, what matters is the story you want to share with others and how your clothes make you feel. 

Photo by Gianna Colarich | The Miami Student
Colarich and her friends dressed fashionably while out at night.

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