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Empty Bowls, Full Stomachs

Mid-morning light filtered through the wide windows of the Oxford Community Arts Center, illuminating an unusual centerpiece of the room: row upon row of colorful bowls of all shapes and sizes.


MUFD combines style and sustainability

Miami University Fashion and Design (MUFD) hosted their first clothing swap for non-members on Monday, Oct. 29. Attendees brought clothes they felt didn't suit them anymore in exchange for another attendee's, to refresh their wardrobe with equivalent pieces. Each attendee was granted a certain amount of tickets depending on how many items they brought in. Small items such as jewelry earned a participant one ticket, and larger clothing items traded for two or three tickets.


50th Rugby Reunion: Old Boys Weekend

The rain is audible on the turf of Yager field and the sky is a shade of grey that would keep most people cooped up inside. Not rugby players, though. Not Miami University's Old Boys.


Drenched at the Derby: Fourteen years for more than two minutes

The Kentucky Derby has forever been dubbed "the most exciting two minutes in sports," and Churchill Downs is easily one of the most historic sporting venues in North America. But the nickname and common knowledge forgets the 10 hours before those exciting two minutes and the people who fill the venue.