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Kevin Vestal

Food trucks and fun draw seniors to Springfest

In a year where April showers looked more like blizzards, MAP's annual Springfest celebrated a return to the season's more traditional weather. A crowd of students passed under red and white balloon arches to find academic quad adorned with flags and inflatables.

Humanities thrive despite enrollment dip

Over the past decade, four-year colleges across the country have seen a dip in the number of students pursuing a humanities degree. Miami University is not immune to this trend. In response to the decrease in enrollment, departments in history, languages and identity-studies, among other disciplines, have adjusted their resources accordingly.

'Feud' revitalizes legendary Old Hollywood squabble

In the age of diss tracks and subtweets, celebrity feuds are more rampant than ever. From Drake and Meek Mill to Taylor Swift and Kanye West/Katy Perry/(insert name here), it seems like half of Hollywood has a score to settle. "Feud: Bette and Joan" proves that this trend goes back decades by retelling a story of monumental celebrity warfare. Millennials may not be familiar with the lifetime rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, but they will instantly recognize their loathing in contemporary stars.