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Stories in seconds: taking it to the streets

Some stories delve deeply into the lives of their subjects. Others seek to capture the human condition in just a few words. Modeled after journalist Brady Dennis’ 300 word stories that explore the unfiltered intimacy of the everyday, these pieces offer a glimpse into the untold experiences of Oxford life. 


Rational fear: Miami’s sexual assault issue

Still, some first-year women drew the conclusion that the administration could always do more. Women on campus offered suggestions including taking accountability for students’ actions, hammering home the definition of consent in the modules more and punishing perpetrators more harshly.

 The Butler County Board of Elections has averaged 2,000 early voters every day so far as election day approaches.

Early voting is under way in Butler County

 It is misting and gray at the Oxford Senior Center. A sign on the front door of the building reads ‘locked because of COVID-19.’ Shanna Cianchetti, the driver of the senior center’s early voting shuttle bus, leads passengers through the parking lot — braving the faint drizzle — to one of the shuttles.  


Miami slow to isolate sick students

 One month after Miami students moved onto campus in September, the process of dealing with COVID-19 remains uncomfortable and unfamiliar, and for many, it hasn’t gotten any easier. 

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