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MAPS: See how Butler County turned out for Issues 1 and 2

A steady stream of voters made its way into Marcum Hotel to vote throughout the afternoon.
A steady stream of voters made its way into Marcum Hotel to vote throughout the afternoon.

Ohio voters passed two ballot measures Tuesday. Issue 1 creates a constitutional amendment to protect abortion and reproductive rights, and Issue 2 legalizes marijuana statewide.

Both issues also gained support in Butler County, and especially in Oxford. See how the ballot initiatives drove voter turnout and check your precinct’s votes below.

Voter turnout sees dramatic increase from 2021

All Butler County precincts showed a higher voter turnout than in the 2021 election.

Overall, Oxford more than doubled its turnout between the two years. Keeping a steady 250,000 voters, the 13 precincts went from having 50,000 votes in 2021 to more than 115,000 votes this year.

However, Oxford had the four lowest precinct turnouts in Butler County, particularly on Miami University’s campus. The lowest was Oxford 12, which had only 18 people vote out of the 491 registered voters.

Butler County narrowly embraces abortion rights amendment

Despite narrowly voting in favor of raising the bar to create constitutional amendments in the August special election, Butler County still supported providing a constitutional right to an abortion in the state. Issue 1 was less popular in Butler County than it was in Ohio, garnering 50.63% support locally compared to 56.6% statewide.

Three of the four precincts on Miami’s campus garnered more than 90% support for Issue 1. The rest of the city also voted in favor of the initiative, with the lowest precinct voting nearly 78% in support.

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Two out of three Oxford Township precincts also supported providing constitutional protections for abortion. The township’s second precinct, meanwhile, tied at exactly 50%. While 61 voters in the precinct turned out to vote, one did not respond to the first ballot issue, leaving a 30/30 split.

Butler County supports marijuana legalization

Throughout Butler County, support for Issue 2 was stronger than support for Issue 1, with 56.8% support overall. Only 36 of the county’s 291 precincts voted against legalizing marijuana, and none had less than one third support for the initiative.

Two precincts had higher than 90% support, both located on Miami’s campus. Only 14 total voters from the four precincts centered on-campus voted against legalizing marijuana.

Across Oxford and Oxford Township’s 16 total precincts, support never dipped below 57.8%.