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Hennessey Luu-Brown is a steadying presence for Miami women’s basketball

<p>Hennessey Luu-Brown is the only senior on Miami&#x27;s women&#x27;s basketball team.</p>

Hennessey Luu-Brown is the only senior on Miami's women's basketball team.

Amidst the whirlwind of changes that swept through Miami University’s women’s basketball program during the 2023 offseason, which included the resignation of former coach DeUnna Hendrix, the departure of star players Ivy Wolff and Peyton Scott, and the return of only four players, new head coach Glenn Box has had the momentous task of rebuilding nearly the entire team. 

In the midst of this transition, Box was in search of a seasoned guard who would provide the team with leadership and experience. This critical piece of the puzzle was ultimately found in Hennessey Luu-Brown. 

Luu-Brown, a senior hailing from Ontario, Canada, has had quite the journey on her way to Miami. It has been one of perseverance and adaptability. She started her college career at Salt Lake Community College in Utah, where she faced the challenges of being a true first-year and learning to assert herself. From there, she transitioned to the University of New Orleans, a place that fostered her extroverted and outgoing side.

“You know, I’m super delighted that she’s here,” Box said. “She’s just a good kid. I think when she’s playing she’s really happy. She’s in a good spot for her and she’s been a great addition for us.”

After last year at the University of New Orleans, Luu-Brown was searching for a program with more intensity and a more diverse culture. With this goal in mind, she eventually found Miami, where she believes she found a program with a deep-rooted work ethic and unwavering priorities.

“Everyone wants more,” Luu-Brown said, “whether it's for themselves or the team or coaches or just their life goals. Everyone's just a little more intense and more hard working because of what everyone's trying to accomplish.”

The departure of Hendrix left the team in need of a dependable leader. Box’s leadership style emphasizes setting a good example from the top and exhibiting steady habits. It was this commitment to integrity and authenticity that resonated with Luu-Brown and attracted her to the program. 

“There was never a moment where I felt like they were trying to really impress me, they were really just honest about who they were and how everything was going to be and that was a big part of it,” Luu-Brown said. “I didn't feel any type of worry or doubt about what was expected when I got here.”

In her short time here, Luu-Brown has made a large impact on the program. With Box taking the position as head coach for the first time, it was important for him to build a foundation early on. Luu-Brown has made his task easier. 

“She's been pretty steady for us for probably the last month, and that's what we are, that's what we're trying to get to,” Box said. “Having somebody that we can trust with the basketball and can do the things that we ask, and so we’re very proud of what she's been able to do.”

As the only senior on the team, and one of only four upperclassmen, Luu-Brown is looked up to by the five freshmen and sophomores on her team.

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At Miami, Luu-Brown is embracing a new level of intensity and time management. Drawing from her collegiate experience, she is a natural leader on the team. 

“I am one of the older ones,” Luu-Brown said. “ I've just been trying to be confident and keep my other teammates confident as well. To be a vocal leader for us but also off the court so I can have relationships with everyone and just get everyone to really be comfortable in who they are because everyone on our team is good enough to be here.”

Luu-Brown’s journey and embodiment of leadership serves as a testament to the program's commitment to growth. The collective spirit of learning and unwavering dedication lays the foundation for a promising future for the program. 

“We're all just learning in it together every day,” Luu-Brown said. “Everyone's really open minded, everyone really just attacks things every single day.”