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Nisso Sacha

The role of analytics in hockey is increasing every year at all levels of the game.

How numbers are changing the game of hockey

In 2021, it was estimated that, in the National Hockey League (NHL), tracked players and pucks generated 2200 data points per second. At the college-level, not as many statistics are available as puck tracking has yet to be implemented, and most stats are gathered in-house. 

Miami University isn't necessarily known for its athletics, but it certainly has some elite athletes to please any sports fan.

Five must-see athletes currently competing at Miami University

It’s the start of a new semester at Miami University, and excitement is building as first-year students settle in and familiar faces return. However, many Miami athletes have been on campus since mid-summer, engaged in rigorous preseason training, preparing not only to establish new legacies but also to carry forward past triumphs.