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Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on the Supreme Court draft to overturn Roe v. Wade?

Lily Durzinsky, first-year political science and social justice

“I think it’s good they got leaked because I think it's definitely bringing more attention especially with the voting today. But also can men stop telling us what to do with our bodies? I’m so over it.”

Landon Morrison, sophomore public health and ETBD

“It’s your choice, so you should be able to do what you want, and I’m curious to see what the final decision is because it is a leak, so it could not be true, but it’s just a scary time we live in.”

Cameron Gendron, sophomore mechanical engineering major

“I’m not politically involved … I think everyone has their own opinion, but I can see a lot of people being upset about it and why it would anger people, but I’m not for it.”

Spencer Burns, first-year history major

“I feel like people are taking a bit too much from it just because it makes it so that the states have the choice in whether or not abortions are legal or not. It seems that a lot of people are thinking, ‘Oh this is going to make all abortions illegal,’ and I don’t think that’s really the case. It’s more state-by-state basis.”

Kat Laver, sophomore international studies major

“I think that overturning it really preys on women of color and women who are disadvantaged. For me personally, being a white woman who is able to attend a university and has support and money to pay for an abortion, it’s not really preying on us, but it’s preying on women who don’t have any of that, and that’s where I have an issue.”

Lauren Knoblauch, sophomore philosophy major

“Under this [ruling], a female fetus has more rights inside her mother’s body than she does when she’sborn. You’re born, and you lose rights if you’re female.”

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Collin Meek, first-year biology major

“I think if you oppose abortion, you should be supportive of free child care, free contraceptives, all the other things that could potentially prevent unwanted pregnancy.”

Lindsay Ninke, first-year primary education major

“I’m 100% pro-choice, so I think it’s just stupid. I don’t think men should have a choice on what a woman does with their body, and I think they’re just trying to control one’s bodies.”

Gigi Garceau, sophomore psychology major

“I think that it was the plan for a while with the presidency being Republican, they had a chance to institute some justices that had opinions that they liked. I think if Roe v. Wade is overturned, it’s going to be like a domino effect of these kinds of laws that are more liberal- leaning being overturned, and that scares me a lot.”

Quoted students were selected at random in Armstrong Student Center.