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The person behind the perfect games: who is Courtney Vierstra?

Courtney Vierstra, one of the best pitchers ever to call Oxford home, is from Thornville, Ohio, which is about 35 miles east of Columbus. She says her family home is “in the middle of nowhere,” but that she loves spending time there with her parents and brother riding four wheelers and shooting clays. Her brother Connor threw for 19 touchdowns last season as the starting quarterback at Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio.

She was originally a Sports Leadership and Management (S.L.A.M) major at Miami, but she decided to change to education sophomore year. She completed her masters in educational psychology in just one year with one of Miami’s 4+1 programs. Her favorite class at Miami was an educational psychology class taught by Darrel Davis.

“[The class] makes you think differently and more deeply than I even knew I could,” Vierstra said.

Vierstra loves teaching younger kids to play sports, and she’s deciding between a few career paths. She is planning to go into coaching or academic advising for athletes.