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ASG closes cabinet position elections

Ã¥manda Hancock, Senior Staff Writer

Elections for Associated Student Government's (ASG) executive cabinet continued Tuesday during Student Senate's final official meeting of the semester.

Senators voted on five positions including Treasurer, Secretary for Off-Campus Affairs, Secretary for Alumni Affairs, Secretary for On-Campus Affairs and Secretary for Public Relations. Senate also heard two nominations for Chief of Staff and Vice President of Student Organizations.

The Senate approved sophomore Kyle Hees as Vice President of Student Organizations, a position that was open to applications from all Miami University students and decided by a small committee of ASG members.

Student Body President John Stefanski served on the committee, which unanimously voted for Hees over other candidates.

"The committee as a whole felt that Kyle definitely had a leg up in terms of his knowledge of the funding committee and all he wants to do," Stefanski said.

Hees, current ASG treasurer, served on the funding committee and was previously an off-campus senator. Hees will be in charge of ASG's Funding Committee for Student Organizations, as well as sit on several committees throughout the university.

"I want to stress having an open dialogue with student organizations, I don't want to go into this role and dictate it," Hees said.

President-elect Charlie Schreiber appointed sophomore Christian Cook to be his Chief of Staff, however, Senate voted a motion of no confidence, meaning they did not confirm Cook's nomination.

Schreiber described Cook as a good friend and confidant that helps him better understand inner workings of ASG. Senate members asked questions about Cook's qualifications for the job before moving into a time of debate.

"I've met my responsibilities and I've been an active senator," Cook said, adding that he authored a bill last semester and attended committee meetings.

After running against sophomore Nate Koska, the new ASG Treasurer is sophomore Nathan Lombardi.

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Lombardi will head the audit committee and be a member of the funding committee for student organizations. He is a finance major, serves on the Armstrong Student Center Board and was a VP at First Miami Student Credit Union.

Lombardi recently authored a bill to revise the audit bylaws.

"It's going to make us more efficient to make sure that the right student organizations are more empowered and that the organizations that are dishonoring are caught," Lombardi said.

Junior Andrew Bair was named the Secretary of Public Relations amidst three other candidates including sophomores Elizabeth Beumel, Jeff Szczecinski and Colleen Ryan.

Bair, a combined bachelors and masters student in the computer science department, is the current Technology Director for ASG. His role will consist of areas in communications and publicity and monitoring the web page and social media accounts.

"We need to come together and keep ourselves up to date by showing people these are our senators, this is what they did and this is what we're working on right now," Bair said.

Junior Conor Nelson was reelected as Secretary for Alumni Affairs, a position that heads the Alumni Relations Committee aiming to connect with graduated students. Nelson ran against juniors Drew Doggett and Max Smith.

As well as currently holding the position, Nelson is a finance major, an Armstrong Student Center ambassador and is involved in business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. He authored a bill to create a student/alumni database to keep track of what organizations students were involved in earlier this semester.

"This year has been a learning experience to grow and develop, now is not the time to stray from determined resolve, but instead refocus the effort and truly get this job done," he said.

Sophomore Cole Tyman ran unopposed for re-election to the Secretary for On-Campus Affairs, a position related to non-academic issues that take place between Campus Avenue and Paterson Avenue. Tyman is a supply-chain and operations management and individualized studies double major and a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon business fraternity. He is also a student tour guide and a Resident Assistant in Peabody Hall

Additionally, junior Ari Frum ran unopposed to be reelected as the Secretary for Off-campus Affairs, which oversees the Oxford Tenants Organization and matters with off-campus housing. Frum is an engineering management major.

Student Senate will hold a special session Monday to hear another appointment for Chief of Staff and vote on two bills.