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Glee Club, Chorale concert to be 'socially awkward'

Megan McGill, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Miami University's Men's Glee Club and Collegiate Chorale's combined holiday concert is to be socially awkward — or at least that's how it's being advertised. This holiday concert that has remained a favorite of students over the years will be occurring tonight: a Tuesday evening in November.

"A holiday concert before December; it's awkward," Bill Brunner, a senior member of Glee Club said when asked about the "Socially Awkward Penguin" on the posters advertising the event. According to Brunner, the groups usually perform the concert on both a Friday and Saturday in December, but extenuating circumstances made Hall Auditorium unavailable.

Leave it to these two groups to capitalize on a less than optimal situation. According to Jeremy Jones, conductor of both groups, students can expect an excellent concert despite short rehearsal time and an inopportune performance date.

"They [the students] put this concert together in six weeks, which is ridiculous," Jones said about the groups' ability to put difficult music together quickly. "Tone and musicality has greatly improved for both groups throughout the semester."

According to Rachel Adams, a senior member of Collegiate Chorale, these improvements will be displayed through a wide variety of music.

"There's a lot of different periods of music that we're representing on this concert. There is a lot of variety, but it will all get you in the holiday mood," Adams said.

According to Jones, Glee Club will be kicking off the concert with a processional of a 13th century medieval chant carol and continuing with, among other selections, much loved traditional performances of Biebel's "Ave Maria" and Lauridsen's "O Magnum Mysterium." Chorale will continue the concert with a rousing eight-part piece with trumpets. Their repertoire includes an arrangement of "O Lux Beatissima" by Cincinnati-based composer Howard Helvey. According to Lara Wolford, a senior member of Collegiate Chorale, the group will also be performing an arrangement of "Deck the Halls" in 7/8 time.

"It's fun to take something people are familiar with and mess it up a little bit," Wolford said.

Wolford is one of three student conductors on this concert; according to Jones, music education majors Charlie Poe and Sean O'Neill will both be conducting pieces for Glee Club. According to Brunner, the well loved a cappella groups, The Remants, The Cheezies and Mergers, are each to perform.

"Students can enjoy the concert before the insanity of exams start," Adams said. "We're just kicking off the holiday season a little early!"

So after a microwaved dinner of your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers, head to Hall Auditorium tonight at 8 p.m. for a concert sure to inspire some holiday cheer. Tickets are available at the box office and at the door for $5 for students and $7 for adults.

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