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Playing dress-up the grown-up way

Jessica Flint, The Miami Student

Watch out Miami University: Bill Clinton is coming to town. But then again, so are Harry Potter and the American Gladiators, as well as a pretty provocative Little Red Riding Hood.That's because tonight is Halloween, and students have been wracking their brains and rummaging through their closets to come up with creative costumes. From pop stars to movie stars and superheroes to Super Troopers, Miamians are going to be hitting up Halloween in style. Celebrities are a popular costume choice this year among many Miami students. Sophomore Morgan Wolf is going glam. She's dressing up as Hollywood luminary Marilyn Monroe."I have the white dress that she wears and a blonde wig," Wolf said. "And I'm going to do my makeup like her."A group of eight first-year girls are dressing up as different versions of pop princess Britney Spears. "I'm the Britney from the 'Boys,' music video," Katie Domian said.Melanie Satoran is the "Oops! I Did It Again" Britney, and Sarah Stanley is the "Stronger" Britney. Both Satoran and Stanley also plan on wearing lots of makeup - and short skirts.First-year Kim Blessing is doing Halloween '80s style. "I'm going to be an '80s rock star," Blessing said. "I have blue eye shadow, pink lipstick, leg warmers and an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt."Movie characters will be coming out of the woodwork tonight, as many students are opting to dress up as stars of the silver screen."I'm going to be a brother from The Boondock Saints," said junior Tim Downey, who plucked his costume idea from the 1999 thriller. "We are getting the tattoos on our hands, necks and forearms - not real, of course." First-year Carl Acton plans on being Chas Tenenbaum, from the quirky 2001 hit, The Royal Tenenbaums."I'm wearing a red sweat suit, just like Ben Stiller did in the movie," Acton said. And first-year Liz Beach plans on dressing up as Margot Tenenbaum. "I'm dressing up as the Gwyneth Paltrow character from The Royal Tenenbaums," said Beach, who will darken her eyes with black eyeliner to complete the effect. Junior Adam Cahill plans on policing uptown. "I'm going to be a Super Trooper cop," said Cahill, whose idea is based on the 2002 comedy.First-year Tom DiPuccio draws his costume inspiration from the 1995 animated classic, Toy Story. "I'm going to be Buzz Lite-Beer," DiPuccio said. "I'm making everything out of old case boxes. I'm wearing a helmet, a cape, chest armor - that whole superhero thing."Some students can't forget the classics."I'm going to be a girl scout," senior Erin Ritzert said. "I'm wearing my real vest from fifth grade. It's covered in patches. I'm also wearing my plaid skirt that was part of my high school's uniform."She plans on carrying around a box of Girl Scout Cookies as well.Like Ritzert, sophomore Megan Wolf is also reverting to childhood. "My friend used to take ballet a long time ago, and she still has the dresses," Wolf said. "I fit into them, so I'm going to be a preschool ballerina."And then there are those students dressing up in food-related costumes."I'm going to be Wendy from the fast-food restaurant because I'm so sick of people making stupid jokes about how they want a junior bacon cheeseburger," senior said. is going to put wire in her hair and braid it so it stands out just like Wendy on the Wendy's sign.First-year Buddy Hughs has a similar idea."Since Budweiser is the king of beers, I'm going to be the King of Beer," Hughs said. "I'm going to dress up as an ancient Roman king. You know, I'll wear a robe and stuff." Although Halloween is tonight, for some, dressing up will be a last-minute decision. "I might be Mugatu from Zoolander, or maybe Stewart, from 'MAD TV,'" senior George Schein said. "Or maybe just a '70s guy."And others just aren't going to dress up at all. "I'm not going to dress up," first-year Ryan Snyder said. "I have no reason to dress up. I'm going as me."