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Samantha Brunn

Samantha Brunn is a senior journalism and political science double major and American Studies and Spanish double minor from Wooster, Ohio. She is the editor-in-chief of The Miami Student, where she spends a majority of her time cleaning up the g*ddamn TMS office. Before becoming EIC, Samantha was a news editor and has written for TMS since her first week at Miami. Samantha spent last summer as a press intern in Washington D.C., and she hopes to attend law school post-undergrad. When she’s not stressing over TMS, the LSAT or law school applications, Samantha can be found watching the Bachelorette, baking cookies for her housemates, or telling drunks kids to recycle their beverage containers. She hopes TMS’ readers are registered to vote, but if not they can register online here. 

Find her on Twitter @samantha_brunn or send her an email:

Hang in there, everybody

I distinctly remember the first Saturday night of my sophomore year. I was laying on the floor of my dorm room as the noise from raucous groups of kids walking Uptown toward whatever the night held seeped in through the open windows.  I called my dad, tears rolling down my face. “This is going to be the same as last year,” I rushed to say as soon as he picked up. “I’m miserable.” After a first year filled with solo Netflix nights and enough studying to carry me through the rest of undergrad, I was terrified that the fact I didn’t have plans or friends to hang out with the first weekend back meant I was in for another lonely year.

Staycation: Traveling down memory lane

I dropped my backpack and sank into the couch on Thursday afternoon, home from class with the entirety of my fall break stretched before me.  “You look like you’ve become one with the couch,” my housemate, Ceili, said.