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Molly Monson

Princess Di’s timeless style

Princess Diana, the “People’s Princess,” has always been one of the most tragic, beautiful and impactful fashion icons of the 20th century. Known for her humanitarian work and impeccable style, she remains one of the public’s most favorite royals. It's been over two decades since she passed away, yet her signature style still can be spotted in spirit everywhere from New York streets to the sidewalks of college campuses. 

For You Page Fashion

In fashion, you want to look different, and to stand out from the crowd with your own unique style. Rejecting mainstream fashion and “basic” style trends is often a complex that afflicts the fashion-forward.  

Check yourself

But good news — if you’re a trendwatcher or looking to be a trendsetter, checkered patterns are about to be everywhere this spring. And the best part about this trend is that you can find checkers and gingham at almost any thrift store.