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Princess Di’s timeless style

Princess Diana, the “People’s Princess,” has always been one of the most tragic, beautiful and impactful fashion icons of the 20th century. Known for her humanitarian work and impeccable style, she remains one of the public’s most favorite royals. 

It's been over two decades since she passed away, yet her signature style still can be spotted in spirit everywhere from New York streets to the sidewalks of college campuses. 

Diana Spencer was known for simple, chic dresses paired with extravagant jewelry at red carpets and royal functions, and practically invented dress-down athleisure. With a recent revival of ‘90s fashion, it’s no surprise that images of Diana have been resurfacing all over Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. 

One of Diana’s most iconic signature looks was the biker short and oversized  sweatshirt combo. The lazy-day uniform is back with a vengeance amongst fashion lovers of all ages as we sit at our desks and attend Zoom meetings from the comfort of our own homes. 

The volume of a well-loved crew neck paired with skin-tight shorts and dainty white tennis shoes come together to make the perfect grocery-store-outing, walking-to-class, casually-classy outfit.

But not all of her outfits were characterized by simplicity and elegance – she was also known for adding some whimsy to her wardrobe. 

The sheep-print sweater that Harry Styles was spotted wearing in NYC a few years ago is reminiscent of a pullover that Diana wore to a polo match in 1983. 

Diana was also a fan of playing with texture and making statements with what she wore. In the beginning of her royalty status, she was photographed wearing frilly, girlish, almost gaudy dresses that were royally predictable.  

As she matured into her duchess position, she opted for feminine, slimming silhouettes and clingy, thin dresses that tested the boundaries of royal modesty, as well as the queen’s patience. 

If there is one trick to steal from Lady Di, it’s this: dress for yourself. All of her looks may appear to be “of the time” on the surface, but if you examine her fashion choices more closely, you’ll notice that everything she wears suits her.

Instead of being concerned with trends, Diana’s wardrobe reflects dressing for what fits your body, personal style and aesthetic. This element is exactly what makes Di’s fashion so timeless, classic and unforgettable.

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