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Justeen Jackson

Affirmative action: Miami’s ‘holistic approach’ to admissions

A recent federal district court upheld affirmative action — a decision that is being appealed — which could affect Miami University’s admission’s policies.  This month, a federal district court ruled in favor of Harvard University’s race-conscious admissions process. Some Asian students felt that Harvard’s admissions process was discriminatory toward them and argued that race should not be a factor in admissions. If this case goes to the Supreme Court, there is a chance that affirmative action could be overturned. 

Ready, Set, Vote

The Miami Student is here to help you get ready for the upcoming election. Here is a how-to on voting!

Students march against white supremacy and recent gun violence

A crowd of roughly 200 people crowded the Phi Delt gates after Mega Fair on Wednesday, August 28, carrying signs with messages of acceptance. Soon afterwards, the group began marching across Miami University's campus chanting "1, 2, 3 smash white supremacy" and "power to the people; no human is illegal."