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Haley Miller


As the first few weeks of the semester come to an end, I am calling for change. Year after year,we are forced to participate in an ancient ritual designed to torture students.

Don't give Charlie Rose a talk show

Two weeks ago, Page Six reported that Charlie Rose has been pitching a "Where are they now?"-style show, with him hosting and other serial sexual predators as guests. Because isn't the #MeToo movement an opportunity to give dangerous men a larger platform than any of their victims?

'Love' ends on an optimistic note

"Love's" third and final season was dynamic, surprising and generally optimistic, but the best part was the Bertie bottle episode. I, personally, like to think executive producer Judd Apatow and series co-creators Paul Rust and Lesley Arfin read my tweets and responded accordingly.

Shows you need to start watching (so they can get renewed for another season)

One of the few drawbacks of living during peak TV is facing the harsh reality that with so many great shows, many will also be cancelled. With that spirit in mind, here is my impassioned plea for you to watch five shows so they don't meet that fate. Hopefully, you watch them because I convince you that they're all wonderful comedies which deserve loyal and enthusiastic fandoms. Then, once viewership spikes due to the massive popularity of this list, I will get to see another season of many of my favorite shows:

Films to prepare you for studying abroad

Often, we look to movies and television to see our own experiences reflected back to us in a way that feels poignant and accurate. The seven films outlined below contain a multitude of perspectives that can help prepare you for the emotional roller coaster that is studying abroad. If you find yourself purchasing a dilapidated Italian villa, or becoming involved with a tortured artist who is also involved with your best friend and his ex-wife, or being controlled by a rat that has hidden himself in your chef hat, these stories can shine a light on your truth.

Tips for studying abroad

While most Americans are preparing for another semester of illegal underage drinking, rigorous class schedules and close attention to punctuality, some of us are setting sail toward exotic locations. We may gain gelato weight and may even be pickpocketed within the first month (tag yourself, I'm the person being pickpocketed), it's worth it for the Instagram likes.