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Ben Deeter

Ben Deeter is a senior in his final semester at Miami studying journalism and political science. He serves as our multimedia editor, meaning he's responsible for helping build out TMS' new podcasting arm. He's hosting our upcoming podcast "This Week @ TMS" and writes for the opinion section. Before his new role, he started writing for the news and entertainment sections during his sophomore year, where he reviewed movies and reported on a wide variety of things from bike boxes to mac and cheese bites. Outside TMS, he sings with the Miami Men's Glee Club and performs with the Steel Band. He's also a member of Phi Mu Alpha, a music fraternity that is absolutely a real fraternity no matter what Ceili Doyle says. 

Ben is graduating in December and he doesn't know how to feel about it. He's coping by applying for internships, jobs and graduate school.

Quarter Life Closet Crisis - Episode 3: We all need fashion

In this series, Style Editor Nina Franco and senior Amy Kuptz help our Editor-in-Chief Samantha Brunn clean out and update her wardrobe. Amy runs her own business, Get Dressed with Amy, in which she curates style guides for her clients based on their needs. This episode, we wrap up with Nina, Samantha and Amy talking about their reflections on the series and what it's been like for Samantha to wear some new clothes.

I’m about to graduate, and it hasn’t hit me yet. I really need it to.

It’s almost here. In a week, I’ll say goodbye to some of the greatest friends I’ll ever know. I won’t be a student at Miami University anymore. But it hasn’t hit me yet. I really figured I’d be smacked upside the head with a wave of extreme sadness and nostalgic longing by now.  But nope, nothing.

This Week @ TMS: How did Nicholas Shaw end up as a Miami student?

 This week, Ben Deeter sits down with Assistant News Editor Tim Carlin and News Editor Erin Glynn to discuss the case of Nicholas Shaw, a first-year student who was expelled from a school in Indiana after being charged with rape and criminal confinement, but was still admitted to Miami this fall.