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A lit-up Christmas tree sits as the main attraction at home.

The ultimate holiday style guide

With the holiday season here and trends changing ever so quickly, figuring out your aesthetic can be stressful — but no matter the occasion, building holiday outfits can be easy if you have closet staples that will always be classy and timeless.

Colarich wore her most stylish yet warm outfits for a week.

Stay cozy in the cold

It’s finally time to embrace chilly temperatures as we move from late fall into winter, which begs the question: How do we stay comfortable and warm all while showing off our own personal style?

The inside of Uptown Threads, Thread Up Oxford's storefront off of Church St. 

Local voices spread secondhand love

Learn about the local businesses in Oxford that are fighting the growing environmental problem of clothing waste by collecting, repurposing and selling second-hand clothing and textiles.

This year combined crazy, concert-esque style with casual, comfy clothes.

A look back at this year’s best looks

Toward the end of every year, it’s best to check our old laundry, mood boards and closets to remind ourselves of what our fashion means to us. Whether we always knew it or not, dazzling in 2023 involved reflecting our past.

The drive has received some beautiful scarves so far.

Handmake hats and scarves for American heroes through Oct. 25

Miami University students and faculty who love to crochet and knit — or want to learn how — can gift their DIY hats and scarves to active members of the military, veterans and first responders. Working with the nationwide philanthropy Operation Gratitude, Miami’s Service+ program welcomes donations at Old Manse through Oct. 25.

A few laundry machines are open and ready for use in Minnich Hall.

The life cycle of laundry

By doing your laundry incorrectly, you’re wearing down your clothes quicker, thus shortening their lifespans. So, how do you properly do your laundry? Do you even know how?

Colarich dresses in her best colors for fall on campus.

Trends to watch for this fall

Autumn is upon us, and for us fashionistas, there’s nothing more exciting than a fall style upgrade. As the weather cools down, here’s some fall trends I’ve been loving to spruce up your fall wardrobe.

Morrison wears a pink and blue striped sweater from J.Crew while having an aperol spritz in downtown Boston.

Preppy is as preppy does

The easiest way to answer why my style is preppy is because it's timeless, versatile and it’ll never go out of style. I always stick with polo and khakis, rugby and sweats and loafers and jeans. Preppy combinations are in your favor for every occasion of life.

Many items are featured on the outside of Snazzy Boutique.

Snazzy Boutique: Newest thrift is coming to Oxford

In a world plagued by fast fashion and a town that thrives on the ever-changing, incredibly nuanced and niche “going-out” outfit, Oxford, Ohio, is the perfect place for a thrift store. This is where Snazzy Boutique in the Junction House on Elm Street comes into play.

A Goodwill employee surveils her aisle.

Live for the thrift of it all

Thrifting thrives in all forms – so Miami University students should seize the chance to dress themselves up at their neighborhood Goodwill, before someone else snatches the most unforgettable item.

Sampson lays out his different outfits for each day of the week, style based on his mood.

Fibers and feelings: How clothing reflects mood

There is an inextricable relationship with the outfits one presents themselves in and their current mood or view on life, which is why fashion is such a beautiful form of art. To help conceptualize this, I thought it would be helpful to show what I might wear on a weekly basis, as my style is very reflective of my own personal life.

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