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What Eminem represents to me

"'Cause sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak, and when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up," so starts Eminem's song featuring Nate Dogg, "Till I Collapse."


George Will’s presence on campus had a negative impact on rape culture at Miami

In a recent opinion piece regarding George Will's appearance at Miami University, Mr. Scheren concludes with the outstanding observation that, "Regardless of the accuracy of statistics, the role of government, or any other excuse given, rape should never be included as a tool in an argument. For this reason, George Will was out of line." I applaud this understanding. And yet, Mr. Scheren and Miami's President Hodge both are congratulating Miami on giving this man a platform to further "public debate." This is a dubious justification for a bad decision.


Veterans of Freedom Summer remind students to speak out

On the final afternoon of last week's Freedom Summer conference, veterans of the 1964 training in Oxford sat at a front table to offer wrap-up comments. About an hour in, David Goodman, the brother of one of the young men killed in Mississippi that pivotal summer, stood, turned to the rear of the room and asked all the students sitting in the back - dutifully scribbling notes for assignments or extra credit points - what they learned from the conference. Response was slow. Then one of the vets joined the call. "What are you doing here?" David Dennis asked, before rising from his seat, walking to the rear of the room, and escorting a scribbling student to his place at the front table. One by one, the other panel members did the same. In minutes, the faces behind the microphones were no longer the civil rights warriors of 1964, but Miami students of 2014. Several said that what they learned at the conference had moved and changed them. Several said they were now inspired to become change agents in the world. Put on the spot, no one had a specific plan of action - but at least, in that moment, they acknowledged what the veterans were trying to tell them: It is time, past time, for a new generation to take up the work they started and continued over the past 50 years.

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