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Just, thank you

If you’ve ever read my columns, thank you. If it weren’t for you, everything I’ve published might've been compiled in a little pink diary.  


What the Hell is Crypto?

The current market for cryptocurrency has boomed and in return ametuer investors, typically younger ones, have kicked off the lucrative industry in hopes of big returns.


From a girl who looks like a boy

Not one moment before that did I feel more at peace with myself – like I was in full control of my being, my identity and my body. Never before did I truly feel that I had any control over how those around me actually saw me.


Dumping my hometown slump

As happy as I get to see my family and friends, I’m always sad at the thought of leaving Oxford and living at home for weeks on end with not much to do. 


Love & Honor & Carbon Monoxide

Throughout the night, I kept hearing the same rumor: the only reason the leak was detected was because a student had a personal carbon monoxide detector, and Hillcrest didn’t actually have carbon monoxide detectors.


The effort of effortlessness

Effortlessness can make you beautiful, sure, but it’s not fair to say that the only reason someone can be beautiful is if they are naturally model-pretty and picture-perfect all the time.


Your bed is meant for sleeping, not studying

In my short three months here, it has become evident that Miami’s creation of designated study spaces is significantly valued by its students. There is something to be said about separating where you sleep or unwind versus where you do schoolwork and study. 


Outgrowing Home

We find comfort in the places we love, the places we feel safe in. I’d like to think that that’s what Miami is becoming for me; a new place to call home. 

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