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At The Student, we strive to do the best work possible in as timely a manner as possible. Editor-in-Chief Sean Scott details our process.

From the editor’s desk: Here’s what makes the news

Each month, The Miami Student publishes more than 100 stories online, and we print a newspaper every other week. Whether you pick up a physical copy or visit our website, you’ll be greeted with a broad range of coverage. But sometimes, you still won’t see the story you want.

Walking around campus, you'll often feel alienated even in a sea of similar people.

Is college the ultimate producer of alienation?

They say college is the perfect place to meet people, build your network and even fall in love. But from the looks of it, higher education might be the one global institution manufacturing frenzied, robotic, so-called academic citizens ready to take you up on the “we live in a simulation” debate. 

How can you not act childish when there are big rocks to climb?

Start acting like a kid again

When you look at life from the perspective of tasks that must be completed, people that must be pleased, and have a no-nonsense attitude. Life can sound quite boring. But, it doesn’t have to be.


Letter from the President

I am delighted to welcome you to the Miami University community, where we will live, learn, and grow together during one of the most dynamic inflection points in history. 


What I wish I knew as a first-year at Miami

Coming into your first year of college is one of the hardest moments for anybody to experience. Whether you’re a first-generation college student or you’ve had family members attend before, it’s a challenge to navigate adulthood and start at a brand new school. 

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