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Desire paths are for sheep

You are not a trailblazer for taking desire paths. You are not staging a silent rebellion. Rather, these pathways, more strongly than sidewalks, represent the absence of freedom from industrial control. 


In the blink of an eye

  In the moment, the days feel long and the weeks are stretched, but when we reminisce, it is as if time can’t seem to slow down. Unbeknownst to my first-year self, the next four years would fly by. 


Is ignorance bliss or is being naive bliss?

I could not wrap my head around the fact of how I said ‘bye’ and ‘see you soon’ so casually, because how could something so tragic, ugly and horrible happen? But, car accidents as a result of drunk driving occur with greater frequency than commonly perceived.

Claudia Erne sports a huge smile during one of The Student’s production nights.

Let go of expectations and challenge yourself

At the start of my junior year, I was casually skimming the weekly newsletter from the Department of Media, Journalism & Film in my inbox and saw that The Miami Student was seeking a new social media manager. I hadn’t heard much about The Student but quickly took to the internet to learn more about the organization.

Jack Schmelzinger stands in front of The New York Times building. This guy wrote a book while in college. Damn.

Miami’s been very, very good to me

Before my first year at Miami University, I changed my major away from journalism. Thankfully, James Tobin, a journalism professor, somehow saw that, gave me a call and talked to me about the Miami journalism program. After we hung up, I went right back into the system and changed my major back. 


AI is a better employee than you

AI threatens your ability to get a job. Not simply because using AI to cheat may mean you lack valuable skills required for the workforce, but also because it can probably do your job better than you. 


Let’s start reading for pleasure again

I read constantly. Last year, I logged 36 books on my Goodreads. This year, I’m shooting for 40. As far back as first grade, I’ve always loved getting lost in a book. The feeling of spending my day lost in a whole different world, even if it was just for a few minutes at a time, was indescribable.


Relying on social media for news is dangerous

When you leave the country, it’s a given that some things are going to be different, whether it’s politics, currency, language or food. But I did not realize being a few hundred miles from home in the same country, there could also be such stark differences. 

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