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Behind the Brick - Farmer's storm chasing shutterbug

On this episode of Behind the Brick (BTB), host Skyler Perry sat down with the marketing coordinator for the Farmer School of Business at Miami University, Jay Murdock. Learn more about Murdock as he discusses his love for photography, his career in journalism, and his passion for storm chasing. 


Behind The Brick - Miami's Own Daredevil

On this episode of Behind the Brick (BTB), host Skyler Perry sits down with Michael Molchan to talk about how he decided to come to Miami, learn about his Juvenile Macular Degeneration diagnosis, and discuss his feelings about the future.


Press Box Thoughts - New year, new host

This is Press Box Thoughts, the podcast where your host Conan Demian discusses anything and everything sports related. This week, meet Conal Demian, your new host of Press Box Thoughts. Get to know a little bit about Conal and where he plans to go with Press Box Thoughts.


Behind the Brick - Bagel and Gary

On this episode of Behind the Brick (BTB), host Skyler Perry sits down with the co-owner of Oxford’s Bagel and Deli Shop, Gary Franks. Franks has been a co-owner of the shop for 25 years, but there is more to him than just the bagel.


Pop Culture Convos - Black Representation on Screen

"Black Representation on Screen" is the 3rd episode of The Miami Student's entertainment podcast, Pop Culture Convos In honor of Black History Month, Pop Culture Convos host David Kwiatkowski sits down with campus & community editor Briah Lumpkins and staff writers Sara Bey and Justeen Jackson to discuss black representation on screen.


Behind the Brick - The Reboot

Behind the Brick (BTB) is back with a new angle and a new host, sophomore journalism and professional writing major, Skyler Perry. In this episode Skyler talks about her hopes for the podcast and how going forward, it will feature profiles of Oxford and Miami University community members.

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