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Best topics to bring up at Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving meals can be incredibly boring. Holding a conversation with family members you didn’t even know you had is always incredibly difficult. But fortunately, I am here. These are the best topics to bring up at Thanksgiving dinner. 


If a Founding Father Were to Visit Oxford…

If you did not already know, our founding fathers had a time machine they used to help win the American Revolution. In the testing stages, they sent Thomas Jefferson back to the future to learn about the outcome of the war. Unfortunately, he landed in present day Oxford Ohio. 


Calling All Brandons

Due to the popularization of the term, “Let’s Go Brandon,” Brandons worldwide have been feeling the impact of this phrase. Have you spoken to Brandon recently? If not, no need to fear. The Miami Student reporting team recently spoke to a few Brandons who had various feelings on the rise of  “Let's Go Brandon.” 


Confessions of a Floridian in Ohio

Here are all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask your gator-wrangling Floridian friend, answered by TMS’s resident Floridian — everything from alligators to Florida Man.

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