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Literary throwback sparks nostalgia in students

Students gathered in the new wing of Armstrong Thursday to relive a part of their childhood. The conference room boasted tables full of craft materials and beloved 90s-kid book series, while the distinct soundtrack of Smash Mouth and "...Baby One More Time"-era Britney filled the air.


A night of celebrating culture with okonomiyaki

Would-be studiers looked on in awe last Friday as the Armstrong Community Kitchen was taken over by a gaggle of motivated Miamians -- chopping cabbage, slicing shrimp and whisking batter in a flurry of culinary activity.


African Students Union hosts 'Taste of Africa'

McGuffey Hall became the setting for music, dancing and a feast of traditional African food this Saturday evening as the African Students Union hosted its annual Taste of Africa event. Held every year before Thanksgiving break, the event is meant to share African culture with the Miami community.


Redhawk Radio hosts second annual 'Cold Snap'

Four up-and-coming artists each climbed onto the tiny stage at Kofenya Friday night for RedHawk Radio's second annual "Cold Snap." These talents collided at the Uptown coffee staple to produce an eclectic atmosphere perfect for a night of artsy ballads.


Stage Left's 'Cry-Baby: The Musical' will make you laugh until you cry

Miami's only on-campus student-run theatre organization, Stage Left, will be putting on its fall musical, "Cry-Baby," this weekend at the Wilks Theater in the Armstrong Student Center. With 21 cast members, this will be one of the largest musicals Stage Left has produced in its history, and the biggest production to go up in the Wilks Theater to date.


Indian Student Association prepares for Diwali show

On a weeknight when most students are studying, relaxing or hanging out with friends, members of the Indian Students Organization, or ISA, are devoting their time to dance practice. They spend hours perfecting their timing, coordination and dance moves in preparation for their annual Diwali show.


Wing-Eating contest for a cause

In the open space of Armstrong's East wing, Delta Tau Delta members had set up 12 tables with two plastic plates, two red solo cups and a small stack of napkins each. A table in the middle held the main feature of the event: two metal serving dishes full of hot wings.


'The Muslim guy' talks scapegoating

Scapegoating -- blaming all societal ills on one group -- is not new. Neither is targeting persons of Muslim faith, according to author, activist and human rights attorney, Arsalan Iftikhar.


Students share their culture at 'A Night in India'

Armstrong's Pavilion C filled with the sound of popular Indian music, laughter and conversation. The smell of traditional Indian paneer tikka permeated the room while some ate, some played trivia games and others received henna tattoos. Some were even wearing traditional Indian clothing.


Literature Program hosts 'Fright Night'

At the end of Western Campus Drive sits a log cabin. On the outside, Western Lodge exhibits an inherent creepiness, even during the daytime. Inside, the stone fireplace and lofts provide a cozy feel, but only when the lights are on. On Oct. 19, the lodge provided the perfect setting for a frightful event.


A 'Not Very funny' debut

The lights went down in Armstrong's Wilks Theater, and only the stage was lit with a lone microphone in the center. Members of the audience murmured as they waited for the show to begin.


Miami orchestra plays 'The Symphony of the Dance'

Miami University's Symphony Orchestra performed the first concert of its 101st season on Friday, October 6. The concert, titled "The Symphony of the Dance," featured a diverse program of music, with all the pieces centered around the theme of fighting for freedom. This year's theme comes from the concert's dedication to Daniel Pearl's World Music Days.


Swing Syndicate: 'Back in the Swing of Things'

Students began to file out of last classes and dining halls, ready to head home. A lively event on Armstrong Terrace captured the attention of passersby. Old tunes, like "Sh-Boom," drifted over the lit terrace as pairs of students performed a variety of dances.

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