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The mother of comedy

As the cast of the Deltones left the stage, the lights came up on iO's Jason Chin Cabaret theater. Audience members finished their drinks, dropped a few dollars in tips on the tables and navigated their way through the cramped aisles toward the exit.


To Ride or not to Ride

Over 200 e-scooters have made their way onto the streets of Oxford this semester. First-years Lyle Roddey and Zach Curiale decided to test them out and detail their experiences.


Boos and Brews

I pulled into the parking lot outside the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company at 6:59 p.m. and my friend Kevin and I hurried inside the building to meet our 7:00 reservation.


Empowering Elderly Artists

Many of the artists in Woodland Country Manor, a nursing home off of Somerville Road, know that 3:00 p.m. on Sundays is art time, and will come out of their rooms on their own. Others, however, need a reminder from their partner. I was given a room number and a partner named Corolla. I walked down the hall and knocked on the half-open door of room 305.

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