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<p>Andy Geshan&#x27;s 1000th game will take place Dec. 30 at Niagara University.</p>

For 29 seasons Andy Geshan has sharpened skates, ordered equipment, taken care of laundry and more for the Miami University’s RedHawks hockey team. 

Geshan, and his decades of experience as the team’s equipment manager, have proven to be a valuable asset for Miami hockey, helping them to stay focused on the task at hand, rather than what they’re wearing.

Andy Geshan's 1000th game will take place Dec. 30 at Niagara University.

“He's always making sure that we're ready to go and don't miss a shift or two because of some kind of equipment issue," RedHawk captain Jack Clement said. 

Geshan started working in the equipment room for Miami hockey as an undergraduate in the late ’80s before returning as equipment manager in 1995. 

“Miami had hired their first ever full-time equipment manager for ice hockey,” Geshan said, “So he was looking for student help. At the same time, I was looking for something.”

After graduating from Miami in 1988, Geshan worked at two Division 3 schools where he served as equipment manager for all their sports. 

Photo by Jessica Monahan | and Jessica Monahan The Miami Student

Geshan sharpens the RedHawks' skates on this Blademaster. Each player prefers his skates a certain way.

Then the RedHawks came calling. 

“The person that I worked for as a student left the university, and I was offered the job. I turned it down,” Geshan said.

Fortunately for Geshan, Miami called again soon after after parting with the equipment manager they hired in his stead.

“I was told that they're not going to call me a third time, so if this is what you want to do, then you better take the job,” Geshan said. “I did it thinking I'd be here for two to three years and here I am 29.”

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Hockey equipment managers are jacks of all trades, and Geshan is no exception. Setting up locker room stalls, ordering equipment and even providing players red licorice before games are important aspects of Geshan’s job. 

In one instance, Geshan was awarded the game puck for helping a player get multiple new sticks mid-game. 

“We're on the powerplay, he [former ’Hawks center Matt Davis] breaks a stick,” Geshan said. “I handed him one of them [back-up sticks]. The power play continued. He broke that stick. I handed him the other one because he was right there, and then he ended up scoring.”

One of the biggest aspects of Geshan's job is inglorious yet essential to keeping the ’Hawks skating: laundry. 

Industrial size washers help Geshan and his student assistants keep the RedHawks, their opponents and the stripes clean and spiffy. 

“When a visiting team comes we take care of them,” Geshan said. “After the game we'll get all the laundry, all the game uniforms, that kind of stuff. We do the laundry for the referees after the first night.”

Photo by Jessica Monahan | The Miami Student

Geshan takes care of his own people too. His office is always stocked with candy and gum -- usually hot coffee too -- for players, coaches, or anyone who happens to pass through.

Even when the season ends, Geshan’s job doesn’t. He spends his summer ordering everything from tape and stick wax to underwear.

Photo by Jessica Monahan | The Miami Student

Andy Geshan's office and the surrounding area is loaded with Miami gear new and old.

Geshan is a workhorse. He fully embraces and loves the grind that comes with his position. Beyond the work aspect of his job, Geshan also brings a sense of humor to the team.

“He's a great resource for us,” senior goalie Logan Neaton said. “He’s got some good jokes mixed in there too. He's a good person, and he takes good care of us.”

Photo by Jessica Monahan | The Miami Student

Geshan is a generous, patient guy. But when the players leave the locker room messy, it can irritate him.

For Geshan, that love of the job is essential.

“No matter what you do in life, you got to like what you do,” Geshan said. “Anything you do in life is going to have a grind aspect to it. This certainly does.”