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PHOTOS: How The Miami Student newspaper gets made

Every other Friday, Miami students walking to class pass fresh stacks of the latest happenings. On newsstands across campus, the Student’s print edition sits at the end of a long journey, which began the previous Wednesday night.

At 6 p.m., editors start filing into the newsroom on the third floor of Armstrong Student Center. They grab a slice of pizza, sit down, and get to work making final edits and setting up the rollout of content for the next few days on

The week’s stories are prepared after a few days of editing, and the layout team starts copying words onto pages, using Adobe InDesign to place photographs and adjust the product’s appearance.

Today’s 24-hour news cycle sees plenty of snags and hang-ups, and lots of time is spent adjusting on the fly — staffers venture back out onto campus to capture missing photographs, editors write messages and make calls to confirm information and designers generate extra visuals.

When full spreads have been arranged, editors give them one last look before they’re sent off to AIM Media in Indianapolis. A truck rolls into Oxford on Friday morning, and at noon distributors move the stacks of papers to stands, like the conspicuous red one near Emporium, where the papers wait to be picked up and read.