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Five reasons to join The Miami Student

Joining The Miami Student can give you the opportunity to participate in fun social events like newsroom Lego-building.
Joining The Miami Student can give you the opportunity to participate in fun social events like newsroom Lego-building.

The Miami Student is Miami University’s and Oxford’s biggest news source. We’re devoted to keeping you informed every day about everything you want to know about this great community of which you’re a part.

But why join The Student? I’ll break it down for you. 

Here are the top five reasons to join The Student newspaper.

A place to call home: 

While The Student is a news organization, it’s also a group of people who work together every week toward a common goal: keeping our community informed. 

We spend countless hours with one another trying to find the best ways to serve both Miami and Oxford, and in that process we have come to find incredible friendships that many of us didn’t find elsewhere.

For me, The Student has become my home. My closest friends at Miami work at The Student. We spend time together as often as we can. We joke together. We buy giant Lego sets and build them in the newsroom in Armstrong Student Center. We trust each other and care for each other.

Picture a room where you can do things you care about while doing it all with people you love. That’s The Miami Student. It’s my home, and it’s home for everyone in the newsroom.

It’s direly needed work: 

We live in a news desert. Southwest Ohio is running out of news organizations. The bigger cities still have newspapers that inform their communities — but many towns and communities don’t have a news organization to keep them informed and to hold people accountable.

Without The Student, Oxford would be without an important source of information. It would be without what some call the “first draft of history.” 

The Student seeks to inform its community, and there is nothing more important than being informed.

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Your skillset will expand: 

I joined The Student as an opinion writer. I simply wanted to write columns about what I felt needed to change in my community and why I felt that way. I sincerely thought that’s all I wanted to do.

Today, I am the Opinion Editor and the Business Manager, and I have written news stories, entertainment stories, food stories and magazine stories.

What I once thought was a fun way to write a little of what I thought has turned into the chance to learn how to manage money and write and edit for many other topics and styles I hadn’t previously dreamt of. 

I’m constantly begging to be allowed to try something new, even if I have other things I need to get done. The things you can try at The Student are just so worthwhile that it becomes fun to try three things at once.

It’ll help you land a job after graduating: 

OK, OK, not every reason is going to be all sunshine and lollipops, right? 

Writing, photographing, editing or anything else for The Student is a juicy line on the resumé. It looks great to potential employers.

The ability to produce content for a local news organization is an incredible task that isn’t taken lightly. People know the work it takes to do what a news organization does, and you will be rewarded for putting in the work.

Not to mention that the ability to write helps every single possible job a person can get.


We eat a lot of pizza. Every other Wednesday night, we build the print newspaper for the following days. 

Almost every time, we order pizza. We order … a LOT of pizza. 

We’re big snackers at The Student and we want our people to have an abundance of reasons to love being in the newsroom as often as they’d like. 

Not convinced? Come to a meeting! We’ll show you what we’re all about. (After all, we’re writers. We’re supposed to show, not tell.) There might even be free pizza …

Interested in joining The Miami Student? Fill out this Google Form to let us know, and we’ll reach out to get you started!